Four Elements Spell

By Elizabeth Barrette

The four elements play an important role in magic and spirituality.  You can increase your success in both by studying the powers of fire, water, air, and earth.  Take a few moments to center yourself, then act out each of the four elements in turn.  Use whatever sounds, gestures, and motions that make you think of that element.  Don’t worry about how you look or sound; think instead about how you feel.  Sense the currents of energy flowing through you and feel how each element has its own unique signature.  As you move, chant this verse:

“Like a fire, leap and burn; like a river, whirl and turn; like a breeze, blow strong and sure; like a mountain, long endure.”

End by thanking the elements for their help.  This spell has no specific time requirements but it does work better outside.  It adapts well to group use as well.