Animal Qualities

Do you have dreams with a specific type of animal and wonder why?  Are you drawn to a certain type of animal more than another whether it be in the conscious world or during your meditations?  It could very well mean that the animals that keep crossing your path are your spirit guides. The type of animal could also signify a character quality you wish to, or already do possess. Well here is a short list of animals and their qualities for you to peruse.  Even if you have not consciously noticed any of the above occur, you might want to take a moment to see what qualities you already do posses!

BAT -  Rebirth, transition, initiation, changes for the better, moon magic.

BEAR- Sub/Unconscious mind, strength, grounding, inner energy of the soul, healing, inner knowing, earth magic.

CAT- Independence, cleverness, a balancing of energies, moon magic.

COUGAR - Strength, power, realization of your own power, fire magic.

COYOTE- Wisdom, the joker, time for adapting, folly, fire magic.

DEER - Gentleness, alertness, camouflage, noticing outside influences, physical pacing, innocence, earth magic.

DOG - Companionship, faithfulness, warnings, loyalty, earth and moon magic.

DOLPHIN - Curiosity, playfulness, psychic abilities, power of sound, water magic.

ELEPHANT - Strength, power, memory, moon magic.

FOX- Cunning, slyness, elusiveness, cleverness, invisibility, fire magic.

GOAT - The ability to climb higher than you are, surefootedness, flexibility, healing, sun magic.

GROUNDHOG - Studies, building, trances, dreams, one who is passionate about pursuing their interests, earth magic.

HORSE - Power, strength, travel, clairvoyance, freedom, stability, courage, earth and moon magic.

JAGUAR - Focused power, power, strength, courage, fire magic.

LEOPARD - Inner instincts, strength, stealth, fire and earth magic.

LION - Strength, elusiveness, leadership, willpower, invincibility, sun and fire magic.

LYNX- The hidden and unseen, seeing the truth behind lies and falsehoods, secrets, air magic.

MOOSE - Patience, sacred energy, ability of self concealment, power of life and death magic, earth magic.

MOUSE - Innocence, faith, trust, fastidious, attention to details, earth magic.

OTTER- Togetherness, curiosity, awakening, playfulness, joy, creativity, imagination, water magic.

OWL - Wisdom, shadow work, farseeing, darkness, air magic.

PANTHER - Valor, ferocity, flexing of the psyhic and spiritual muscles, power, strength, earth magic.

PORCUPINE - Curiosity, cautiousness, being bold in actions and words, resistance, wonder, earth magic.

PRAIRIE DOG - Community, family, society, health, responsibilities, expression of emotion, earth magic.

RABBIT- Faith, nurturance, fertility, movement, sensitivity, luck, moon magic.

RACCOON - Curiosity, dexterity, cleanliness, secrecy, disguises, moon and earth magic. 

RAT - Shrewdness, adaptability, success, social, restlessness, earth magic.

RAVEN - Inner journeys, dreams, destiny, air magic.

RHINOCEROS - Wisdom, short temper, past lives, high sensitivity to emotions, earth magic.

SERPENTS - Health, fertility, faith, magical power, sun and water magic.

SKUNK - Respect, and self-esteem, playfulness, steadiness, patience, earth magic.

SQUIRREL - Awareness, sociable, playful, preparations, activity, energy, earth magic.

TIGER- Power, strength, courage, skillfulness, stealth, tactfulness, loyalty, passion, adventures, fire magic.

WEASEL - Sly, loners, ability to escape tight spots relatively unharmed, observation, secretive, earth magic.

WHALE - Creativity, awakening of inner senses, family, inspiration, water magic.

WOLF -  Spirit, freedom, intelligence, social, guardianship, protection, wisdom, earth and moon magic.