Here are what I have of pictures from the Twins' Christening yesterday.  There are more coming, but I haven't seen them yet.  Click on the thumbnail to see the picture at it's actual size.  I chose not to re-size the larger photos, in case someone wanted to print them out, or use as a background.

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Video of Joseph

Video of Valentina

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L-R: Joseph, Joseph, Valentina, Joseph & Valentina

DSCF0021.JPG (337467 bytes)  DSCF0023.JPG (338188 bytes)  DSCF0027.JPG (338141 bytes)

L-R: Valentina, Jean Marie & Valentina, Trish & Valentina

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L-R: Valentina, Lena, Joseph, & Valentina

 DSCF0030.JPG (344400 bytes) DSCF0031.JPG (344402 bytes)

L-R: Jake and David

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