I have to say that I like this camera MUCH better than the sharp - the quality of the pictures is very good, and its so much easier to just plug the camera in to upload the pictures - a reader is unnecessary at this point. 

I tried to size down the pictures to cut down on your download time, so I am hoping that I didn't lose any of the quality - but I think that you will get the idea.

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First, some REALLY attractive pictures of me when I was testing the camera...notice the shirt I am wearing *g* I was cold and it was there.

Now the pretty flowers...and they are still alive thank you.


And finally your not-so-stinky puppy...she looks wonderful, smells good and her fur is all de-matted and soft!  She behaved O.K. at the groomer - they said that she whined a little (normal) and pulled her feet away when they were trimming the fur on her paw and cutting her nails, but that is normal too.


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