Incense Recipes

Below are some recipes for making your own incense, along with their intended use. 


Altar Incense

3 parts Frankincense

2 parts Myrrh

1 part Cinnamon

~Burn as a general incense on the altar to purify the area  


Beltane Incense

3 parts Frankincense

2 parts Sandalwood

1 part Woodruff

1 part Rose Petals

A few drops Jasmine oil

A few drops Neroli oil

~Burn during Wiccan rituals on Beltane (April 30th) or on May Day for fortune and favors and also to attune with the changing of seasons.

Clearing Incense

3 parts Frankincense

3 parts Copal

2 parts Myrrh

1 part Sandalwood

~ Burn this incense to clear your home of negative vibrations, especially when household members are arguing or the house seems heavy and thick with anger, jealousy, depression, fear and other negative emotions.  Leave windows open while burning the mixture.  


Divination Incense

2 parts Sandalwood

1 part Orange peel

1 part Mace

1 part Cinnamon

~Smolder during or directly before using tarot cards, magic mirrors, quartz crystal spheres, rune stones, etc.  


Esbat Incense

4 parts Frankincense

3 parts Myrrh

2 parts Benzoin

1 part Sandalwood

1 part Gardenia Petals

˝ part Orris

˝ part Thyme

˝ part Poppy seed

˝ part Rose petals

~Burn during rituals and spells on the Full Moon, or at any Wiccan gathering other than the Sabbats


Healing Incense

1 part Rosemary

1 part Juniper berries

~Burn to speed healing while visualizing the healing taking place.


Imbolc Incense

3 parts Frankincense

2 parts Dragon’s Blood

˝ part Red Sandalwood

1 part Cinnamon

A few drops Red Wine

~To this mixture add a pinch of the first flower (dry it first) that is available in your area at the time of Imbolc (February 1st).  Burn during Wiccan ceremonies on Imbolc, or simply to attune with the symbolic rebirth of the Sun – the fading of winter and the promise of spring.


Lughnasadh Incense

2 parts Frankincense

1 part Heather

1 part Apple blossoms

1 pinch Blackberry leaves

A few drops of Ambergris oil

Burn Lughnasadh incense during Wiccan rituals on August 1st or 2nd, or at that time to attune with the coming  harvest.


All recipes taken from "The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews" by  Scott Cunningham