Common Ailments and Beneficial Colors

This list is only a guideline.  It is NOT prescriptive.  It is a set of suggestions to help you find a starting point in working with color therapy.  It is not designed to replace traditional medicine, rather it is to provide a means by which you can participate more personally in your own healing process.  Use it as such, so that you can develop your own system of color application.  Find what works for you.  You may need to apply different colors with different intensities.  Often, experimentation is the only way we have of discovering what works for the individual.

Begin all color treatments with white and end them with white.  This amplifies the treatment's effect and it serves to keep the color treatments from aggravating a condition.  It provides balance.  Remember that the red spectrum affects the physical, and is stimulating and warming.  Blues are cooling and cleansing, affecting the spiritual energies.  The yellow shades affect the mental energies and serve as a bridge between the physical and spiritual.

The three together - reds, blues, and yellows - provide opportunities for healing body, spirit, and mind.

Conditions and their Beneficial Corresponding Colors

***The condition is listed on the left with the SUGGESTED color on the right.  Please remember, and I cannot stress it enough, that before you do healing on yourself or another person, it is imperative that you are diagnosed by a physician first.  I cannot be held responsible for what colors you decide to use in your color therapy and neither can Mr. Andrews.  Thank you - Athena***   


Abdominal Cramps - Yellow, Lemon

Abscesses - Blue, Blue-Violet

Aches (ear) - Turquoise

Aches (head) - Blue, Green

Aches (muscles) - Pastel Orange

Aches (tooth) - Blue, Blue-Violet

Acne - Red, Red-Violet

AIDS - Red, Indigo and Violet, followed by Pink and Gold 

Alcoholism - Indigo and Yellow

Allergies - Indigo and Soft Orange

Alzheimer's disease - Royal Blue; Blue-Purple followed by Yellow

Anemia - Red

Anxieties - Light Blue and Green

Appetite (excessive) - Indigo

Appetite (loss) - Yellow, Lemon

Arthritis - Violet, Blue-Violet and Red-Violet

Asthma - Blue and Orange

Bladder - Yellow-Orange

Bleeding - Blue-Green

Blisters - Powder or Ice Blue

Blood Pressure (high) - Blue, Green

Blood Pressure (low) - Red, Red-Orange

Bones - Violet, Lemon

Bowels - Yellow-Orange

Breast - Pink, Red-Violet

Bronchitis - Blue, Blue-Green, Turquoise

Burping - Yellow; Lemon

Burns - Blue; Blue-Green

Cancer - Blue; Blue-Violet followed by Pink

Colds - Reds

Diabetes - Violet

Eczema - Lemon

Epilepsy - Turquoise, Deep Blues

Eyes - Indigo, Royal Blue

Fevers - Blue

Growths - Violet, Blue-Violet

Hay Fever - Red-Orange

Heart Problems - Green and Pink

Hemorrhoids - Deep Blue

Indigestion - Yellow, Lemon

Infection - Violet

Inflammation - Blue

Influenza - Deep Blue, Turquoise, Violet

Kidneys - Yellow, Yellow-Orange

Leukemia - Violet

Liver - Blue and Yellow combinations

Menstrual Problems - Soft Reds and Blue-Green combinations

Nausea - Ice Blue

Nerves - Green, Blue-Green

Parkinson's - Indigo

Pneumonia - Red and Red-Orange, combined with Indigo

Rash - Lemon and Turquoise

Skin Problems - Lemon, Blue-Violet

Swelling - Pale and Ice Blues

Ulcers - Green


~Information excerpted from "How to Heal with Color" by Ted Andrews