If you have the aspirations

But your desires seem beyond your control,

Your determination can be used as and asset.

And your perseverance can lead to your goal.

You have to take positive actions,

Keeping your target in mind as you do.

For there's likely to be failures encountered,

Before your ambition can carry you through.

Failures are part of achieving,

Each must be survived if you are to succeed.

Failures can bring a perspective

And reinforce your need to succeed.

It takes resiliency as well as courage

And will poser that's tied to extremes.

But if you excel by sheer ambitions

You achieve satisfaction beyond your dreams


Hail Great Mother, Goddess of the Earth;

My vows to thee I give.

Use me as Thy will, and wisely.

Give me to Myself, and keep me

Ever in thy service, ever for my self


Source - Cygnus Books Chat Page



The Magic Inside of Me

I have a magic inside of me

Nobody can take it away or destroy it

I can make it explode inside myself

I can sing to it, as if it were

An enchanted snake

I can tie it to my feet

It will make me walk a step further each day

It can make me strong, and nurture me-

Without getting tired

This magic is everlasting

And ever beautiful.

we ALL have this magic


Source - Cygnet Books Chat page



Beautiful light shine right through me

Cleansing my spirit so I can see

All the goodness and love of our planet Earth

The love of our plants and animals from birth.

Oh Beautiful Light filled with Colours supreme

Shine right through my chakras till they gleam

balance them out in a positive way

Helping me heal each day

Beautiful light shine right through my soul

help me to reach my life's goal

Beautiful light shine through all the rain

And replace with your love all the suffering and pain.

Beautiful light that shines done from above

Please help all the people seeking your love.

Source - Cygnet Books Chat page



Invocation - Rainbow Hymn

(tune : Rivaulx)

Sevenfold Radiance! Pour on me

Riches of Love and Wisdom pure,

That I may live and move in THEE

Whole through THY everlasting Cure


Ruby of Scared Lifestream flow,

Sardious rare of Coinsel find:

My mind in Topaz held to glow,

Hearts green of Healing for mankind.

Blue of Devotion's depth profound,

Purple of Righteousness Divine;

with amethystine Awa close round,

White ray ineffable will shine.

Sevenfold radiance! Pour on me

Riches of Love and Wisdom pure

That I may love and move in THEE

While through THY Everlasting Cure

by Michael Walton (inspired the writings of John Todd Ferrier, founder of the Order of the Cross.)