Anatolian Goddess who Rules the Days



Days of Lunar month ruled


1 -3     Persephone, a Goddess of initiations, new beginnings, grains, sowing, and changes, who ventures to the Underworld once a year


Athena, one of the best-loved Greek Goddesses whose temple still stands in the city which bears her name; she is a Goddess of love (though not a sexual love like Aphrodite's), protection, the arts, and a warrioress who oddly represents peace; the patron Goddess of the city of Athens; archetypally linked to initiatory rites


4-6        Artemis, virgin Goddess of nature and the hunt, a mutable symbol of the potential of feminine power; sister of Apollo



10-12      Kore, an archetypal link between childhood and womanhood, symbolized by the   beginning of the menstrual cycle and awakening sexuality; also seen as another form of Persephone


Disponia, a beautiful maiden/mother Goddess who symbolizes the loss of youth; archetypally linked to menarche and first sexual contact, a patron deity of feminine coming of age



10-12   Hera, a creative deity linked to mental prowess, creative inspiration, and communication; the consort of God King Zeus



13-17      Gaia, the earth mother, the supreme creatrix, and divine principle of fertility and abundance


Selene, a sexual image of a full moon/mother Goddess, sister of the sun God Helios; archetypally, the bestower of immortality



18-20      Demeter, a harvest and Underworld Goddess and the mother of Persephone. Also the patron Goddess of seers and mothers of older children



21-22   Hestia, an archetypal link between motherhood and crone- hood, symbolized by  menopause; a Goddess of the home and of fire



23-25      Medusa, a crone Goddess, the embodiment of old wounds and fears which must be released in order for us to move on to other planes of learning, and an archetypal link between the earth world of existence and the water world of death; archetypally a link between the divine and human worlds



26-29   Hecate, a crone Goddess of wisdom, death, change/rebirth, and the Underworld/Otherworld; a patron Goddess of magick in many Wiccan traditions


~ from, "Moon Magick" by DJ Conway