Adventures in Aromatherapy – The Journey Continues


© 2002 LH White, AKA Athena

Here I am again, the inexperienced aromatherapist, ready to share her latest caper with you! 

O.K., so it’s not REALLY a caper, but more another experiment born out of the desire of several co-workers to recapture the wonderful feeling of being on the beach.


I always have people at my\ desk spraying whatever bottle I have present on that day.  Some of them actually asked if I would create a body spray for them (no accounting for taste, huh?).  I gave them a short list of what oils I had on hand, and everyone of them chose coconut, and tangerine.  Hmmm, do I detect a pattern forming?  I couldn’t just leave well enough alone; I HAD to ask them why they wanted those particular scents together.  Answers ranged from, “I don’t know” to “It’s the beach!”, but all 4 women thought that tangerine and coconut would be the perfect mood lifter.


So I broke out my supplies and  began to work.  Some had more tangerine than coconut and vice versa.  However, I added another ingredient as well, just to give the spray greater depth.  The ‘secret ingredient’?  Vanilla.  Really, I am not lying!  Tangerine and Coconut oils do smell wonderful when blended, but when I added the Vanilla, it became (if I do say so myself) absolutely divine.


Here is a guideline for the mixture:

20 drops coconut oil

15 drops tangerine oil

10 drops vanilla oil


(Keep in mind, that if you want a stronger tangerine scent rather than coconut, then reverse the number of drops used.  You can eliminate vanilla all together if that is not a scent that you particularly care for.)


Mix the above essential oils in a two-ounce bottle, swirling them until they are thoroughly mixed.  Then, using a funnel, carefully add just under two-ounces of distilled water.  I say carefully, because if you pour too fast, you will overflow the bottle and lose some of your oils (yes I know this from experience!).


Cap with a pump spray and you are good to go!  Shake well before each use, as the oils do tend to settle in the bottle.


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