Binding Spell for Lovers (A Spell for Lupercalia)

By Edain McCoy


The roots for Valentine’s Day are in an ancient Roman holiday named for wolves.  Wolves mate for life, and the Romans believed that Lupercalia, February 15, is the day they chose to select their partners.  To strengthen the ties that bind you to your life’s partner, anoint each other’s body during a waxing Moon with a potion consisting of any of the following: hair from a dog to connect with the wolf’s energy, damiana to enhance sexual stamina, rosemary or mullein to promote lasting love, vanilla or apple blossom to create romance, willow for binding, and yerba mate for friendship.  As you anoint various points on your lover’s body, renew the vows you’ve made to each other according to your shared vision for your life together.  There are as many ways to love as there are lovers