FROM: "365 Goddess"

Hungarian Wedding


THEMES: Winter, love, roman, relationships, devotion, purity and fertility


ABOUT BOLDOGASSZONY: This Hungarian mother and guardian goddess watches diligently over her children, wanting only the best for them, as any mother would. Her sacred beverage, milk, is also considered a suitable libation when asking for this goddess's blessing.


Hungarian wedding festivals often take place in winter, after the harvest season and meat preparation. The traditions here are laden with magic we 'borrow' for building strong personal relationships, asking for Boldogasszony's blessing by having a cup of milk present at any activity. For example, cutting a rope that is attached to your home symbolizes your release from the old ways and freedom to enter into a commitment. Stepping across birch wood purifies intentions and ensures a fertile and happy union.

Lighting a torch (or candle) represents vigilant devotion in a relationship. Do this at the time of your engagement, as you recite your vows or as you both enter a new residence for he first time so that the commitment will stay with you. Wherever you are, eating off each other's places and drinking from one cup deepens harmony (include milk products like cheese). Finally, dancing with kitchen utensils ensure that the home fires will always stay warm.