“Cast on Deck”


~This is a rundown of the Major Arcana as if they were participants in a theater production.  If you think about it, the cards DO tell a story :-) ~

The Fool wanders on to the scene, is sent to wardrobe still unsure of his part, ready to   improvise.


The Magnus calls all to attention, raps his baton on proscenium, draws the lemniscates in the air.


The Popess turns inward, sits in silence, waits for footlights, takes the moment to meditate.


The Empress prima donna of doorways, in magnanimity, brings forth all things.


The Hierophant sets prompter’s stool just behind the curtain, exercises whisper, intimates the script.


The Lovers caper in the dressing room, argue yes, no, yes, no, yes and come to see that both are right.


The Chariot is wheeled onto center stage; Lovers are gentled into sphinx suits, harness, yoke.


They shy as Strength gentles her lion into position, murmurs encouragement, teamwork.


The Hermit robes up, stops at “props” to claim his staff, lantern, climbs the snow-capped mount to take his stand.


Stagehands spin Fortune’s Wheel on the sly, setting it in place, speculate, make bets, kiss its base.


Justice can be seen balancing in the corridors, forgiving all and sundry as they dash.


The Hanged One dangles in rehearsal, practices suspense above a mirror, comes nearer than ever to oblivion.


Death whistles in the stage door, late and unconcerned; Make-up hurries her to throne, mirror, a face.


Temperance practices pouring with a flourish, doesn’t spill a drop though managers scurry.


The Devil gambols up and down the aisles, terrifying the A-types who arrive early to get the best seats.


Stage-right, The Tower totters just behind heavy tapestry, its crown set precariously, to topple on cue.

In the light booth, technicians manipulate panels, remind each of signals.  The Star flashes.


Piece de resistance, enormous gilt embroidery, wired to blaze, The Sun is raised on monstrous booms; looms.


Archangels polish Judgment’s trumpets on sleeves, sneeze in musty boxes, overlook the theater.


The Audience, assembled, is in for a treat.  En masse, they are to play The Universe from seats.


 ~Excerpted from The Tarot Gypsy Tales hand stitched and velvet bound by Carol Jean Rose