Chakra Colors and Qualities

Chakras Have Colors, Too

Thousand Petalled Lotus – Violet

Sun Chakra – Indigo

Mercury Chakra – Blue

Venus Chakra – Green

Mars Chakra – Yellow

Jupiter Chakra – Orange

Saturn Chakra – Red


Aura Color Qualities

Blue – calm, relaxed, tranquil, maternal, attentive, and caring.

Brown – unspiritual, unsettled, anxious, nervous, distracted.

Gray – depressed, pessimistic, negative, repressed anger.

Green – intelligent, straightforward, natural healer, quick thinker, close to nature, a doer.

Orange – creative, inspiring, compassionate, powerful, able to inspire and/or manipulate people.

Pink – protected, dominated by pure and radiant love.

Purple/Violet – spiritual, intuitive, psychic abilities, dedicated to leading humanity toward the next step in higher consciousness,

Red – physical, materialistic, passionate, easily excited, emphasis on the body, intense emotion.

Sulfur–colored – discomfort, pain, irritation, festering anger.

Turquoise – full of energy, natural leader, organized.

White – innocence, purity, spirituality, or serious illness, altered state due to artificial substances.

Yellow – joyful, playful, blissful; when gold, rare spiritual development, highly evolved.


 ~ All meditations and information taken from, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Meditation” By Joan Budilovsky and Eve Abramson