Primary principle--Use of inner will

Sign correspondence-Cancer


Description--A princely figure is driving a chariot drawn by two sphinxes---one black, one white. The Chariot is an- other card that speaks to us about the human struggle with duality. This is the battle we face between our urge for the higher life of the Spirit and the creation of the proper forms for expression of our personality.


The Prince/Charioteer is crowned with an eight- pointed star. Numerologically, eight is an important number, indicating the orientation of the creative urge towards material abundance (crowns, castles). In the Buddhist doc- trine, this star represents the "Eight-fold Noble Path," which guides us to proper actions. The Prince/Charioteer is protected and influenced by the Soul (the lunar semi-circle on each of his shoulders). He is thus the symbol for the wisdom of the Inner Guide, leading us towards fusion of the opposing forces in our lives. On his chest is a square, symbol of "foundation" and representative of the number four. When we speak about a structure being 'four-square," we mean that it is balanced, strong, and ready to receive the weight of added experiences. It is through the wisdom we obtain in our efforts to harmonize opposites that we create the right set of personal values for our lives. The Chariot is a card indicating goal orientation - goals that are accomplished through the right blending and use of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual forces, a foursome that creates a proper foundation for growth.


The Prince/Charioteer carries all the symbols that arm him with the inner knowledge of Divine Law: alchemical symbols cover his skirt, and astrological glyphs appear on his belt. We may also interpret these alchemical symbols as representing the transformative dynamics of the personality; after all, the goal of the alchemist is to turn lead into gold. The astrological signs are representative of the Cosmic Presence the Prince/Charioteer takes into battle. The sphinxes relate to the understanding of the patterns of nature, since they fuse the animal nature of material life and the mental nature of humanity. The Prince/Charioteer holds a spear in an armored glove, showing that he has the courage to enter into the battle to resolve duality. His other hand is uncovered, indicating his readiness for peace and harmony. The symbols on the Chariot itself are quite potent and beautiful. The wings indicate the perception by the rational mind of the nature of Spirit (the solar disc at their center); the spinning top (or weaving spindle) is still, indicating a peaceful pause in the creation process.


In the reading-The Chariot represents the use of inner will and intelligence to accomplish personal goals. Anything that the querent sets out to do will be accomplished. The person will overcome anyone or anything that stands in the way of achievement. The querent's intentions are pure, with a sense of disciplined focus.


Reversed-This card can represent conflict and problems due to opposing ideas and aims, either coming from another party or found within oneself The querent can become over- powered by opposition and lack of experience. He or she may also be confused and indecisive about what route to take to resolve the current situation.


Exoteric meaning-Mastering all opposing forces through will power and intelligence. Correct use of will and clarity of motive or intentions.


Esoteric meaning-Merging the personal will with Spirit to create the correct forms for one's creative drive. Purely personal goals are being sacrificed or transformed for the greater goals of the Spirit.

~from the "Pocket Guide to Tarot" by Alan Oken