The Meaning Of Colors - Part One

I have assembled a list of some of the associations of and uses for colors.  These are meant to be guidelines. They are not carved in stone.  They are characteristics designed to help you begin your work with color therapy.  As you work with each individual, you will discover that certain shades are more effective than others, depending upon the person.  You may also discover that certain colors may not work for an individual's condition.  In cases such as these, a little experimentation and a little intuition will help you discover the best colors to use to obtain results.  Remember that each individual has his/her own unique energy system.  Thus the colors, the combination of colors and the manner of their application must always be adapted to the individual.

White ~

White contains the entire light spectrum.  It is strengthening.  It is very cleansing and purifying to the entire energy system of the individual.  It can awaken great creativity.  When in doubt as to what color to use, you can seldom go wrong with white light.  It is Also beneficial to begin and end the healing session with white to stabilize the person's energy system and to give it an overall boost.  It amplifies the effects of any color with which it is used.


Black ~

Black also contains the entire color spectrum.  It is a color that is shrouded in confusion.  Many individuals shy away from using black in color therapy and healing, but I have found it beneficial at times.  Black is a protective color, and it can be used to ground and calm extremely sensitive individuals.  It activates the feminine or magnetic energies of the body, strengthening them.  It should be used sparingly, as too much black can cause depression or aggravate such emotional and mental conditions.

Black is most effective when used in conjunction with white, which balances the polarities of the individual, especially in cases where the individual  seems to be losing control.   It can activate that level of the subconscious which can put life and its craziness into proper perspective.  It should never be used by itself, but always in combination with another color. 


Red ~

Red is a stimulating color.  It will energize the base chakra.  It warms and activates.  It awakens our physical life force. It can be used for colds, poor circulation and mucus ailments.  Red strengthens the physical energy and the will of the individual.  It can stimulate deeper passions, such as sex and love, courage, or hatred and revenge.  Too much red can over stimulate and aggravate conditions.  High blood pressure is an indication of too much red energy within the system.  Red can be used to raise the body's temperature and to energize the blood.


Orange ~

Orange affects the second chakra center.  It is the color of joy and wisdom.  It stimulates feelings of sociability.  It is tied to our emotional health and to the muscular system of the body.  Too much orange affects the nerves and should be balanced with shades of green-blues.  Orange can assist in healing conditions of the spleen, pancreas, stomach, intestines, and adrenals.  Individuals experiencing emotional paralysis or depression can be helped with this color.  It can be used to help re-vitalize the physical body and assist with food assimilation.  It makes a good tonic after a bout of illness, for it is good for the elimination system.


Yellow ~

Yellow affects the solar plexus chakra most strongly, and it is stimulating to the mental faculties of the individual. It can be useful for depression.  It helps re-awaken an enthusiasm for life.  It can be used to awaken a greater confidence and optimism.  It can be used for digestion problems.  It is beneficial to the stomach, the intestines, the bladder and the entire eliminative system of the body.  It helps to balance the entire gastrointestinal tract.  The golden-yellow shades are healthful to both the body and the mind.


Green ~

Green is the most predominant color on the planet.  It balances our energies, and it can be used to increase our sensitivity and compassion.  It has a calming effect, especially for inflamed conditions of the body.  It is soothing to the nervous system.  The brighter greens, leaning toward the blue spectrum, are powerful in healing most conditions.  Green can be used to awaken greater friendliness, hope, faith, and peace.  It is restful and re-vitalizing to over taxed mental conditions. 

Green strongly affects the heart chakra, and it is balancing to the autonomic nervous systems.  It can be applied beneficially in cardiac conditions, high blood pressure, ulcers, exhaustion and headaches.  It should NEVER be used in cancerous or tumorous conditions or anything of a malignant nature, as green also stimulates growth.


Blue ~

Blue is cooling to our system and it is relaxing.  It is quieting to our energies, and it has an antiseptic effect as well.  It is strengthening and balancing to the respiratory system of the body.  It is excellent for high blood pressure and all conditions of the throat.  It is effective in easing childhood diseases, along with asthma, chicken pox, jaundice and rheumatism.  It is one of the most healing colors for children.  It is beneficial to venous conditions of the body. Blue can also be used to awaken intuition and to ease loneliness.  Blue us very effective when combined with warmer colors that are in its color range and when combined with colors in the red-orange spectrum. It can be used to awaked artistic expression and inspiration.  


Indigo ~

Indigo and the deeper shades of blue are dynamic healing colors on both spiritual and physical levels.  This color activates the brow chakra of the body and it is balancing to all conditions associated with it.  it is strengthening to the lymph system, the glands, and to the immune system of the body.  It is an excellent blood purifier and can assist in detoxifying the body.  It is a color that is balancing to the hemispheres of the brain and the nerve synapses between them.  It is effective in treating all conditions of the face (including eyes, ears, nose, mouth and sinuses).

The color indigo also has a sedative effect.  You can use the color Indigo when you are meditating in order to achieve deeper levels of consciousness.  It can awaken devotion and intuition.  It can be used for problems in the lungs and for removing certain obsessions.

Too much indigo can cause depression and a sense of separateness from others.


Violet ~

Violet is a color that affects the skeletal system of the body.  It is very antiseptic, cleansing, and purifying on physical and spiritual levels.  It helps balance the physical and spiritual energies.  Violet is good to use for cancerous conditions of the body.  Arthritis can be eased by violet light that leans more toward the blue shades.  Violet is also strengthening to the body's ability to assimilate and use minerals.  Violet can be used to stimulate inspiration and humility.  Violet assists in stimulating dream activity as well.  In meditation. violet can help open us to our past lives.


~Information taken from, "How to Heal with Color" by Ted Andrews