Colors and Magick  

Colors used in magick can help Pagans/Wiccans focus on their desires and greatly enhance the powers of spells. Here are some color correspondences. Does anyone have some more (there is no right or wrong answer)?

Black: banishing negativity and sending energy away.

Blue: peace, tranquility, protection during sleep.

Brown: the earth, familiars.

Gold: the color of solar deities, intuition, and protection.

Gray: for neutralizing negative energies.

Green: healing, fertility, good luck, money, and prosperity.

Orange: courage, legal matters, concentration, encouragement.

Pink: love, femininity, friendship.

Purple: all things psychic, divination, independence, ambition.

Red: love, passion, physical health, sexuality, strength, will-power.

Silver: moon magick, all lunar deities.

Yellow: confidence, persuasion, school, and mental powers.

White: the sacred color of the goddess, purification, spirituality, truth, virginity, new beginnings.

Author Unknown