Color Rays - Healing


White ray is a protective and recharging ray. Although white contains all colors it has a distinct flavor of its own. It should be used in cases where a person very tired or depleted of energy. Energy depletions of this type will be focused either in the body or in the mind if they are mentally run down. In the former case the white ray should be directed to the area of the solar plexus and in the latter to the crown of the head. It can also be used in those situations where an individual feels battered by disturbed energies around them. Sealing them in a white, auric bubble of light will greatly help. Sometimes individuals feel that they are processing a great deal of information at night, even to the extent of believing that they are working at night on a healing level. When this happens the individual can wake feeling almost as tired as when they went to sleep. If this is the case for you imagine that you are building a bubble of white light over your solar plexus just before you go to sleep.

Blue ray is the ray of cleansing. In this sense it can be used when you need to draw off energies from the body. Wounds may be purified by this ray and it is very successful in neutralizing the effects of germs, dirt etc. It can also be used for washing through and harmonizing the auric energy fields, and is particularly good at helping combat viral and bacteriological infections such as colds and flu. It , is good practice to cleanse your subjects aura with the blue ray before finally disconnecting at the end of a healing treatment.

Coral or Pink ray is warming, soothing ray and should be used for the relief of pain, headaches and in the treatment of such complaints as arthritis etc. It is also an excellent ray to use when a person is in a very agitated or distraught state emotionally or mentally. In these cases the ray should be concentrated in those areas that reflect the particular condition. With mental agitation this should be to the region of the head and with the emotions the region of the heart or solar plexus. It is a ray that reflects the wonderful peace and calm that is seen in the statues of the Buddha.

Red ray is a powerful burning ray and should be used in all cases that symbolically require drying or where there are excessive fluids. Internally it can be directed to seal gastric ulcers and externally it can be used on badly poisoned wounds or ulcerated places. It is a very physical Ch'i and is not generally suitable for emotional or mental conditions. Experience has also shown that it can cause a little discomfort when being used. This can be counteracted by also sending a dark blue /indigo ray to the surrounding area. This has a form of anesthetic effect.

Indigo or dark blue ray is predominantly the ray of the anesthetist. It helps full pain by causing a slight separation between the energy layers of the body. It can also be called upon in cases where an individual is close to death, where it will assist and ease the "passing on" process.

Lilac or violet ray is a building ray, stimulating new growth at a physical level. It is ideal for cases where fibers or tissues have been damaged or destroyed, such as severe burning or cancer. The lilac ray accelerates the regeneration of new tissue and is therefore very effective in healing wounds of all types. This makes it very useful in assisting recovery from operations. It also carries a flavor of general balance and can be used to align the spirit within the body. Drawing on this ray will help if you feel at odds with impulses coming from the soul or spiritual self.

Green ray has a neutralizing effect and can be very useful with individuals who feel at odds with the world. It has a blending quality that soothes the barbs that some individual carry. It is the predominant color of nature and carries a similar harmonizing quality. However, it is an energy that needs to be used judiciously for it can also turn people in on themselves, encouraging introspection. This maybe helpful in some cases but if there are depressive tendencies it may exaggerate this quality.

Yellow ray is the ray of the mind and intellect. Its vibrant qualities can stimulate mental alertness and is also very helpful in cases of despondency or gloom, helping lift depression.

Magenta ray is the ray of the spiritual self and helps in all areas of transformation. It can be very useful in all cases of past life healing.

Silver ray is used in healing brain or nerve damage in that it will help new connections to be made. It needs to be used sparingly, rather as if it were a thin laser beam.

Gold ray is a very powerful ray that reflects the energy of the sun in its positive or yang aspect. Physical back problems can be a reflection of energetic imbalances that run along the spine. The gold ray can be used to repair or balance these energies and therefore makes a very good adjunct for anyone who requires help from an osteopath or chiropractor. It can also help with eye conditions. It has a very protective quality that is excellent at counteracting negative or chaotic energies. It needs to be used sensitively as some individuals can find it overwhelming.

The above are the major color rays. They will provide a basis for working on many types of conditions. Experiment with them to see if they help with your healing. The colors can be used singly or in combinations, and in any treatment you may need to work using different colors in turn. If you feel drawn to using other colors try and assess the quality that lies behind them.

To use the colors in healing visualize the particular color coming through your hands and being directed to the area of imbalance. If you have difficulty visualizing a color, holding the thought in your mind:


‘I am using a white, blue or whatever ray' will suffice.


Alternatively you can imagine the color over the top of your head and feel that you are drawing the energy through to your subject.

Nature responds very appreciatively to this type of healing, which ‘green fingered' gardeners know only too well, although with some individuals this type of healing is generally carried out intuitively rather than consciously.

Please note that the source of this is unknown to me at the moment but it anyone can tell me then full credit will be give - BB -Laruna