Correspondences for Healing



PLANET: Sun, Earth, Full Moon, waxing Moon for increased health and the power of healing, waning Moon to banish or diminish disease

ELEMENT: all, fire (to destroy disease)

ZODIAC: Scorpio, Aquarius (for the healing force of the universe)

NUMBER: 1, 3, 7, 9

JEWEL: amber, bloodstone, jade, ruby, green agate, sapphire, turquoise, jasper, jet, aventurine, hematite, garnet, coral, diamond, emerald, beryl, carnelian, peridot, amber and amethyst (for psychological healing), for other kinds of healing:


- Amethyst for addiction and compulsive behavior;

- Aquamarine to soothe the heart;

- Moonstone to balance hormones;

- Opal, onyx, moonstone for emotional balance;

- Pearl for emotional clarity;

- Peridot for mind/body balance;

- Pyrite for vitality;

- Ruby to heal a relationship with a father;

- Sodalite for physical healing.


Bedouins wear gemstone necklaces for healing


PLANT (for charms, not as medication!): adder's tongue, amaranth, anemone, angelica, apple, *balm, 'balm of Gilead, barley, bramble (blackberry), burdock, calamus (sweet sedge), cannabis, carnation, cedar, horse chestnut, cinnamon, citron, coriander, cotton, cowslip, cucumber, cypress, dock, elder, 'eucalyptus, fennel, flax, gardenia, garlic, geranium, *ginseng, hazel, laurel,  mandrake, milkweed, *mistletoe, mugwort, pine, Plum, potato, rose, *rosemary, rowan, rue, saffron, sandalwood, wood sorrel, 'thyme, vervain, violet, willow, wintergreen


ANIMAL: dog, serpent, two entwined snakes


INVOCATIONS: angels, Alauwaimis (a 'demon" who drives away sickness), Nanan Bouclou



Artemis of the Thousand Breasts, Athena, Brighid (who heals by poetic incantations at sacred wells), Carmenta, Earth god- desses, Gaia, Hygeia, Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Kadesh, Kupala, Med- itrina, Moon goddesses, Panacea, Sarasvati, Sekhmet (Lady of Life), Spes (for the healing power of drug-induced sleep), Suhs Minerva, Tara (Queen of Physicians)



Adonis, Asclepius the Healer, Apollo the Physician, Baal Marqod, Babalu-Aye, Belenus, Chiron the Centaur (the Wounded Healer), Dian Cecht (who makes whole again), Gov- annon, Hercules the Healer, Hermes, Khonsu, Marduk (Great Healer), Mars Ocelus, Mercury, Paeon (Healer of AU lfls), Raphael, Shakaburu, Thoth, Vishnu




Invoke: Mud-kesda (Blood Stauncher)



Invoke: Alemona (health of an unborn child), Aruru, 'Aveta (the Midwife), Brigid (safe delivery), Candelifera (who brings newborns into the light), Carfnenta, Eileithya (She Who Aids Women in Labor), Freya (easy childbirth), Han- nahhannas Hecate (final stage of labor), Heket, Lucina (She Who Brings to Light), Ninhursag (Lady Mother), Toci


Children (see also Newborns):

Invoke: Edusa (who nourishes children)

Plant (as charms only!): pomegranate blossoms for stomach ailments in children, daffodil for teething pain



Plant: black hellebore root



Charms and spells may ease the blues, but serious depression requires medical intervention.

PLANET: Mercury

PLANT: lemon barn, rosemary, sage, St. John's Wort, wild thyme, valerian, lemon verbena, blue vervain, yerba mate

CANDLE: pink, yellow

METAL: gold

JEWEL: carnelian, coral, garnet, fire garnet, carbuncle, lapis lazuli, sardonyx, sapphire, sodalite, tiger's eye.



Invoke: Gula-Bau (Great Physician), Sha'taqat; Hatdastsisi, Hay- enezgani (diseases caused by witchcraft)

Plant: hemlock, mugwort, woody nightshade, rue


Epilepsy :

Plant: anise, peony root, vervain


Eye Problems:

Invoke: Yen Kuang Niang-Niang (who cures ophthah-nia); Bugid Y Aiba (who restores failed eyesight)

Plant: polygonum root



Plant: mugwort, southemwood



Plant: combs made of rosemary wood


To Heal Sick Cattle:

Plant: St. John's flower


To Heal the Heart:

Plant: cuckoo flower


To Heal a Broken Heart:

Invoke: Branwen (who cures passion), Oenone (who heals jealousy and remorse), Tara (Queen of Physicians, who heals sorrows)

Plant: balm of Gilead (poplar buds, carried as close to the heart as possible)



Color: red, green

Number: 7

Jewel: agate, aquamarine, carnelian, peridot, jet, pearl, ruby Animal: serpent

Plant: anemone, ash, caraway, carob, camphor, coriander, ferns, figwort, rue, St. John's Wort, wood sorrel, sunflower, tansy, thyme, walnut

Invoke: Ganga, Hygeia, Paraskeva-Platnitsa (health with marriage); Babalu-Aye, Lubanga, Salus, Tcharon



Plant: lesser celandine



Invoke: Greine, Morgen (herbal cures); Acamede (who knows all the drugs that grow on Earth)



Plant: pennyroyal



Invoke: Uliliyassis

Plant: yohimbine



Plant: southernwood



Invoke: Oreithyia

Plant: white poplar leaves


The Limbs:

Invoke: Khnum (who knitteth together and strengtheneth the limbs)


Long Life:

Invoke: Hsi Wang Mu, Takotsi (Our Grandmother Growth), Ushas; Fukurokuju, Junrojin, Shou-hsing, Shou-lao

Plant: angelica, cypress, lemon, peach, sage, tansy


Mental Disorientation:

Plant: pennyroyal



Invoke: Juno (for a healthy baby), Juno Lucina, Lucina (eyesight of newborns); Mayin (who breathes life into newborns), Weri Kumbaba (speedy recovery after circumcision)



jewel: aquamarine, jasper

Invoke: Achelois (She Who Drives Away Pain), Kwan-yin (who frees from pain); Achelous (He Who Drives Away Pain)



Plant: angelica


Preventive Medicine:

Invoke: Hygeia



Invoke: Janguli (]knowledge of Poisons)

Plant: black hellebore root, figs and rue, heliotrope, mistletoe


Rheumatic Cramps:

Plant: willow leaves and bark



Plant: feverfew


Skin Eruptions:

Plant: henbane, lesser celandine


Snake Bite:

Invoke: Janguli (Knowledge of Poisons); Aker



Plant: woody nightshade



Plant: beans


From the "Wicca Handbook" by Eileen Holland