Correspondences for Legal Situations


SYMBOL: a blind or blindfolded woman, left hand with spread fingers, scales

NUMBER: 4, 8


PLANT: cypress, garlic, *Justicia, nettles (to bind the spells)

INCENSE: frankincense, cedar, sandalwood

BEST TIMES: Sunday for freedom, Tuesday for strength in conflict, Thursday for justice and success, Saturday for prosecution, to bring someone to justice, to bind a criminal, to limit freedom




Adrastea, Aedos, Akonadi, Alecto, Ananke (Neccessity), Aradia, Astraea, Elektra, Eunoniia, the Fates, Fortuna, the Harpies, Irene, Justicia, Kadi, Kwan Yin, Libra, Ma'at, Maman Brigette, Megaera, the Morrigan, Nanshe, Neith, Nina, the Norns (Urdur, Verdabdi, and Skuld), Oya, Thernis, Tyche, Victoria, White Tara, Yansa



Baal, the Dagda, Dharma, Dian Cecht, Forseti (Divine Giver of Good Laws), Hendursaga, Horagalles, Minos, Nabu, Father Nanna, Osiris, Perun, Rama, Rhadamanthys, Shakaburu, Shamash, Thor, Tiw, Ull, Yeloje




Invoke: Forseti (the Great Arbiter, to arbitrate disputes)


Binding Spells for Work in Law and justice:

Plant: nettles, vine


Constitutional Government:

Invoke: Concordia (democracy), Lady Liberty, libertas



Invoke: Vör (marriage contracts); Arom, Berith (contracts and agreements), Mithras



Invoke: Adrastea (who defends the righteous), Alphito-Baitule Lusia (Deliveress from Guilt)


Divine Judgment:

Invoke: Themis (Divine justice); Mandanu


Forgiveness after Penitence:

Invoke: Apollo


Good Faith:

Invoke: Fides


Guarantee That Judgment is Executed:




Color: white (unbiased judgment)

jewel: jade (diviner of judgments)

Invoke: Danaë (She Who judges), Neith; Istanu, Kuan Ti (the Great judge), Michael (Angel of the Last judgment), Rashnu (the Just Judge), Thoth (the judge of Right and Truth)



Planet: Jupiter, Sun

Color: dark, vibrant shades of blue

Plant: frankincense

jewel: diamond, rose quartz

Invoke: Alidice (Mighty justice), Athena of the just Deserts, Biadice (justice by Force), Calladice (Fair justice), Chango, Dike (Human justice), Eurydice (Wide justice), Itone of the just Deserts, Justicia (the Scales), Laodice (justice of the People), Ma Kiela (for women who die of knife wounds), Nekmet Awai, Nemesis (justice against offenders), Themis (Divine justice); Anbay, Lugaisisa (the king who rights wrongs), Mabon, Rashnu, Utu



Invoke: Renenutet (Lady of justification)



Planet: Jupiter

Jewel: chalcedony, to be fortunate at law

Invoke: Astynome (Lawgiver of the City), Ceres (Lawgiver), Demeter Thesmophoros (Bringer of Law), Dike (Natural Law), Laonome (Law of the People), Thesomophoros (Lawgiver), Torah; the Dharmapala (Guardians of the Law), the Manu (Lawgivers), Quetzalcoad (the Lawgiver)


Law (its implementation):

Invoke: Uttu; Vidyraja


Law and Order:

Invoke: Euonomia, Ma'at; Igalima (High Constable), Marduk (Guardian of Law and Order), Tiwaz


Legal Matters:

Plant: buckthorn, cascarda sagrada, celandine



Invoke: Freya; Orunmila, Thoth



Invoke: Athena, Kwan-Yin, Mary (Our Lady of Pity), Tara; Juichimen, Latipan


Invoke: Jakomba, Vishnu



Invoke: Fides, Mamitu, Vör; Hazzi, Helios, Horkos, Jove, Jupiter, Mithras, Ullr, Zeus (who enforces oaths)



Invoke: Themis (social order), Vishnu



Invoke: Ushas (enemies); Chango (thieves, liars), Katavul (who punishes and rewards), Lei Kung (criminals whose crimes have gone undetected), Mithras (who punishes wrong), Pu'gu (the evil, the violent)


Resolving Conflicts and Disputes:

Invoke: Mercury



Color: black

Invoke: the Erinnyes (vengeance), the Furies (Tisiphone, Alecto, and Megaera, vengeance), Hecate (vengeance), Hera the Throttler, Itone of the just Deserts, Nemesis, Sekhmet (divine vengeance), Tisiphone (to avenge murder); Ra


Secure Operation of World Systems:

Invoke: Varuna (god of cosmic law and order)

Success in Court:

Plant: jalup root (High John), laurel, *mustard seeds, St. John's Wort, vervain

Jewel: rose quartz, brown chalcedony

Success in Court if You Are Being Persecuted by an Enemy:



Invoke: Mamitu


Symbol: ostrich feather

Color: white, blue

Number: 7 (ultimate truth)

Jewel: sapphire

Animal: owl

Invoke: Asase Yaa, Rhiannon; Ahura Mazda, Mabon, Mithras, Ra (the Lord of Truth), Thoth, Varuna (Lord of Truth)


Invoke: Nike, Victoria, Vahagn