Correspondences for Love Spells


DAY: Friday

BEST TIMES: Friday or Monday

New to Full Moon in: Taurus for earthy, sensual love

Cancer for home and family, maternal, or paternal love, Libra for idealistic love, and Scorpio for sexual love

NUMBER: 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 (impersonal love)


METAL: Copper, Silver


SYMBOL: heart, mermaids (for the bittersweetness of love)

COLOR: red, green, white, deep pink, rose, orange (attraction), violet (gay love)

ANIMAL: lynx, deer, horse, dove, swallow, partridge, peacock feathers, wryneck, pairs of birds

CANDLE: red (to find love, to keep love), purple (any shade, for gay love)




Goddesses: Aegea, Anahita, Anath, Aphrodite, Artemis, Asherah, Ash- toreth, Astarte, Atargatis, Benzaiten, Blathnat, Branwen, Cytherea, Diana, Erzulie, Freya, Frigg, Gaia, Galatea, Goda, Guinevere, Hathor, Hera, Hulda, Inanna, Io, Ishtar, 'Isis, Juno, Kadesh, Kwan-Yin, Lakshmi, Maia, Myrrha, Neith, Olwen, Oshun, Ostara, Rauni, Rhea, Rosamund, Sarah, Semiramis, Shakti, Shekinah, Syria Dea, Turan, Uma, Venus, Yemaya


Gods: Adonis, Amor, Angus, Anteros, Attis, Cernunnos, Cupid, Damuzi, Dulha Deo, Eros, Evander, Faunus, Haddad, Hymen, Kama, Krishna (the Adorable One, Lord of Love), Mithras, Angus (Lord of Love and Death), Pan, Phanes, Pothos, Robin Hood, Soma Shakarabru, Tammuz, Vishnu, Yarillo (the Uncontrolled)




Invoke: Freya, Neith


Color: pink (to draw affection) Invoke: Rati

Attracting the opposite Sex:

Plant: lovage, orris oil

Attracting Love from Females:

Plant: henbane

Attracting the Attention of the One You Want:

Plant: marjoram Domestic Harmony:

Invoke: Concordia, Uma

Fatal Attraction:

Invoke: Angus


Invoke: Fides, Hera Animal: turtledove

Plant: chili pepper, clover, rye, skullcap, yerba mats jewel: garnet

Fidelity in Marriage:

Invoke: Hera, Pattinidevi

Gaining the Favor of the One You Love:

Invoke: Benzaiten

Harmonious Relationship:

Invoke: Concordia; Lu Pan

Intimate Friendship:

Invoke: Mithras

Living Together:

Invoke: the Gandharvas


invoke: Kwan-Yin

Love (divine):

jewel: amethyst

Love (emotional):

invoke: Radha

Love (homosexual):

Invoke: Eros

Color: any shade of purple, especially lavender Incense: lavender, violet

Candle: a purple citronella candle, if you can find one

Plant: oil grasses (vetiver, citronella grass, camel grass, lemon grass, ginger grass)

Love (married):

Invoke: Gaia, Hera, Juno, Selket

jewel: green beryl

Plant: periwinkle, pomegranate, rosemary

Animal: turtledove

Love (maternal):

Invoke: Eileithyia, Isis

jewel: mother-of-pearl

Love (mutual):

Invoke: Anteros

Love (profane):

Invoke: Venus

Love (romantic):

Invoke: Erzulie; Kama

Love (spiritual):

Invoke: Charitè

Love (potions):

Plant: periwinkle, *rose, stinkhorn, vervain, violet

jewel: lodestone


Potions can be used as adjuncts to spells. I've never used a love potion, because it seems dishonest to me - akin to spiking someone's drink. The only potions I have ever made are those I drank myself. There is also the difficulty of getting the correct person, and only that person, to drink the potion. But if you really want to make one, try this:


Get rosewater, which is sold in gourmet shops and Middle Eastern grocery stores.  Fill your chalice with it and add five drops of red food coloring. Cast a circle, perform a love spell, and use your wand or athame to charge the potion with the spell.


Rosewater is used in baking and confectionary so the potion could be added to baked goods or candy, which might be easier to administer. I'd suggest a rosewater-scented angelfood cake, frosted with pink vanilla icing and decorated with candied violets (unless the object of your affection is diabetic or dieting, of course).


You could also mix the potion with vodka, cut a plug in a watermelon, pour it in, and allow it to steep overnight in the refrigerator. The same potion and vodka mixture could also be used to marinate a bowl of fruit salad made with apples, pears, figs, apricots, raspberries, peaches, orange slices, and strawberries.



Animal: duck

jewel: beryl (especially green beryl)

Invoke: Benzaiten, Hera, Hulda, Juno; Dutha Deo, Hymen (god of wedding feasts)

A Wedding:


Marriage (preparations):

Invoke: Unxia

Marriage (finding a wife):

Invoke: Ah Kin (who brings wives to bachelors)

Marriage (finding a husband):

Invoke: Hathor (who gives husbands to those whom she loves), Soma, who provides husbands for spinsters

Marriage (happiness):

Invoke: Freya

Marriage (a woman's good fortune):


Marriage (ending quarrels):



Invoke: Oreithyia (She Who Rages Upon the Mountains, passionate love); Dionysus (insane passion)

Plant: myrtle

Animal: turtledove

Protection Against Acts of Passion:

Plant: white heather


jewel: moonstone, lodestone (reconciliation in marriage)

Plant: beans

Success in Love Affairs:

Invoke: Urvasi

Jewel: emerald


Invoke: Branwen



Accept Love:

Jewel: freshwater pearl

Attract Love:

Color: pink or orange (attract new love)

Jewel: topaz, lodestone, blue tourmaline

Color: orange

Avenge Slighted Love:

Invoke: Anteros

Break Love Spells:

Letting someone know that you cast a love spell on them will often break the enchantment.

Plant: nuts (especially pistachio)

Get a Lover:

Plant: cuckoo flower

Heal a Broken Heart:

Plant: balm of Gilead, feverfew, myrtle, white rose petals

Heal Passions and Griefs of the Heart:

Plant: cinquefoil

Influence the Heart:

Plant: cinnamon

Jewel: ruby (to open hearts)

Keep Someone from Leaving:

Plant: caraway

Know Whom you will Marry

Invoke: Ch'i ku-niang (the Seventh Lady)

Learn to Love Yourself.

Jewel: freshwater pearl, rose quartz

Protect Young Couples:

Invoke: Ya'halan

Punish a Heartless Lover:

Invoke: Nemesis