Correspondence for Magic Itself




INVOCATIONS: Vilmeth and Vidolf

Goddesses: Aradia, Arianrhod, Baba-Yaga, Circe (Divine Sorceress), Diana (Queen of the Witches), Durga Mahamaya (the Great Sorceress), Freya, Frigg, Hecate (Goddesses of Witches, She Who Has Power Far Off), Isis (Lady of Spells, Mistress of Magic), Jezi-Baba, Kali Mahamaya (the Great Sorceress), Medea, Medusa, Morgan le Fay, the Morrigan, Nemain, Nimuë, Pasiphaë, Pelé, Renenutet, Sarasvati, Selene


Gods: Chango Ea, Enki (Lord of the Sacred Eye), Fintan, Gwydion, Hercules the Dactyl, Hermes Trismegistus, Horus, Loki, Lugh, Mait' Carrefour, Marduk (Great Sorcerer), Mapp ap Mathonwy, Mercury, Merlin, Mithras (Mystery of Sorcerers), Nudimniud, Odin, Tezcatlipoca (Smoking Mirror), Thoth




Invoke: Lao-Tsze

Plant: lady's mantle jewel: cinnabar

Metal: quicksilver



You are already beautiful, a precious child of the Mother. Planet: Venus

Candle: green, pink, light blue

Plant: catnip, flax, ginseng, lily, maidenhair fern

jewel: amber, jasper, topaz, opal (inner beauty)

Day: April 23, the Vinalia

Invoke: Aphrodite, Chalchihuitlcue, Deirdre, Erzutie, Hathor (the Beautiful Face in the Boat of Millions of Years), Hebe, Helene, Oshun, Sarah, Semiraniis, Venus, Zaria



Invoke: Ogma (for words of bespelling)



Plant: sorrel leaves Jewel: opal



Planet: Saturn

Invoke: Isis, Linda (the Binder with Linen Thread), Ninurta; Oghma (for words of binding), Varuna

Color: black Metal: lead

jewel: obsidian

Plant: bindweed, linen thread (flax), periwinkle vines


Black Magic:

Invoke: Carman, Hecate, Kali


Black Magic (blasting):

Invoke: Hecate; Apollo

Plant: *blackthom (sloe)


Black Magic (hexing):

Plant: mugwort



Color: blue (new home) Plant: mistletoe

Invoke: Hecate; Apollo


To Bless:

Jewel: lodestone, pearl (worn when asking blessings of Isis)

Plant: jalap root (High John the Conqueror, for spiritual blessings)

Invoke: Deae Matres (the Divine Mothers), Pandora


Calling Spirits:

Remember that spirits are easy to summon but difficult to banish. I respect the dead by allowing them to rest in peace. Shamanic traditions have a long history of spirit work, but many Wiccans think it is wrong for witches to disturb any spirits but their own ancestors.

Plant: dandelion, 'wormwood


Cat Magic:

Invoke: Bastet Plant: 'catnip

jewel: tiger's eye



Invoke: Artemis (for magical charms); Ogmios


Charms Against Spells:

Plant: angelica, bamboo, black hellebore, chili pepper, horehound, thorn apple (datura), toadflax, wintergreen


Charm Against the Jealousy of the Moon Goddess:

Plant: willow


Charms Against Lunar Magic.-

Plant: garlic, moly, squill


Cleansing Bad Vibes:

Plant: gingerroot, onion bulb Jewel: crystals, salt



Metal: gold Number: 6

Plant: cypress

Jewel: emerald Zodiac: Taurus

Invoke: Yemaya (to comfort children in crisis)



Element: water

Direction: West (courage to face deepest feelings)

Zodiac: Leo

Invoke: Vahagn, Wachabe (Black Bear)

Number: 1

Color: green, red

Plant: *borage, columbine, thyme, yarrow

Jewel: amber, turquoise, diamond, carnelian, turquoise, jas- per, topaz, amethyst, carnelian, red tourmeline, red and black agates

Animal: cougar, lion, boar


Coven Work:

Invoke: Coventina (Mother of Covens)



Invoke: Carman, Hecate, Ninhursag, Suhs (who empowers curses)



Invoke: Alphito, Ananke, Fata, the Fates, the Graiae, Gula-Bau, Karta, Manawat, Shait, the Telchines; Orula, Zurvan

Jewel: diamond (impassivity of fate) Animal: pig

Plant: cannabis, flax, strings of palm nuts



Planet: Uranus (destruction of the old to make way for the new)

Element: fire

Zodiac: Scorpio

Invoke: Inanna (destroying the indestructible); Shiva

Animal: locust


Development of Human Potential:

Invoke: Brighid


Disorders of Magical Powers:

Plant: tamarisk



Planet: Moon

Invoke: Moon goddesses, Nimuë, Rhiannon, the Telchines (the Enchanters)

Plant: willow, vervain

Letter: S (female enchantment)

Number: 7 (female enchantment)

Jewel: sapphire (freedom from enchantment), diamond (to turn an enchantment back upon its maker)



Plant: celandine



Color: black, red

Incense: frankincense, fumitory, sandalwood

Plant: angelica, asafetida, avens, basil, beans, blackthorn, buckthorn, clove, clover, devil's bit scabious, dragon's blood, elder, ferns, garlic, logwood, mandrake, peach, peony, pepper, pine, rosemary, rue, *Solomon's seal, tamarisk, yarrow

Invoke: Hastsebaad; Asalluha



Be careful, or you might wind up with infamy instead.

Invoke: Ushas

jewel: heliotrope, green beryl

Plant: a crown of amaranth flowers


Fame Spell (adapted from The Egvptian Book of the Dead):

Get 9 small bowls, cups or glasses and fine them up on the altar or working surface. Prepare the attar otherwise as you usually do.

Write the name of each of the god/desses on a slip of pa- per: Temu, Shu, Tefnut, Seb, Nut, Oshis, Horus, Ra, Uatchet. Papyrus works well if you can get it. These papers will represent the gods, so put some effort into doing this nicely. If you can get a picture or small figure of each god/dess, that is even better.

Put the papers into the bowls or cups, in the order given above. You will make an offering to each of the gods as you name them in the spell. You could use nine sticks of incense, lighting each one from your candies as you say the god/dess's name, or an offering of bread and ale made by pouring some ale into the bowl and then adding a bit of bread. Wine and flowers are also suitable offerings.


Raise power and cast a circle when you have everything ready. Recite the spell, making the offerings as you get to each god/dess.


0 Great Company of the Gods, grant that

may flourish, even as the name of Temu, the Chief of the Nine Gods, doth flourish.

If the name of Shu, the Lord of the Upper Shrine, flourisheth, then____________________shall flourish!

If the name of Tcfnut, the Lady of the Lower Shrine, flourisheth, the name of__________________shall be established to all eternity!

If the name of Seb flourisheth, then the name of shall flourish unto all eternity!

If the name of Nut flourisheth,

the name of___________________________shall flourish unto all eternity!

If the name of Osiris flourisheth in the nome of Abydos, then the name of_____________________shall flourish unto all eternity

If the name of Horus flourisheth, then the name of_________________shall flourish unto all eternity!

If the name of Ra flourisheth in the horizon,

then the name of______________________shall flourish unto all eternity!

If the name of Uatchet flourisheth, then the name of __________________shall flourish,

and his/her work shall flourish,

and what s/he builds shall flourish unto all eternity!


Remain at the altar as the candles and incense bum down, concentrating on what sort of fanie you desire. Be very, very specific. Close the circle, ground the power, and leave the offerings there for several days.


Fighting Werewolves:

Plant: wolfbane (aconite)


Finding Stolen Goods:

Invoke: Punarvasu (who restores stolen property) Plant: marigold


Finding Treasures:

Plant: cowslip, fem seeds


Finger Magic:

Invoke: the Dactyls

Plant: finger grass


Flower Magic:

Invoke: Aphrodite Antheia (Aphrodite of the Flowers), Blathnat, Blodeuwedd (the Flower Woman), Clytie, Flora, Susannah, Xochiquetzal, Hyacinthus, Narcissus

Plant: all flowers



Planet: Sun, Venus

Zodiac: Aquarius

Number: 3

Color: pink

Plant: lemon, rosemary, passionflower

jewel: rose quartz, alabaster, turquoise, emerald (strengthen friendship), beryl (eternal friendship)

Invoke: Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Mithras (for intimate friendship)


Garden Magic:

Plant: apple, grape

jewel: green agate, jade

Invoke: Aphrodite of the Gardens, Pomona, Venus; Vertumnus


Guarding Magical Writings:

Invoke: Tao-chiln (Lord of the Tao)



Color: yellow, pink

Plant: catnip, celandine, cyclamen, marigold, marjoram, purslane, quince, saffron, St. John's Wort, savory

Animal: bat

Jewel: turquoise, moss agate, amethyst, ruby

Invoke: Ganga, Ekajata, Fu-hsing, Sasthi (happiness of children)


Herbal Magic:

Invoke: Morgen, Teflus (by whose power plants potent for enchantment are produced), Vedma



Planet: Sun

Zodiac: Aquarius

Tarot: the Star

Plant: fir tree, flowering almond, Norway spruce (hope in adversity)

Metal: tin (secret hope) jewel: opal

Animal: goat stag (the hope of immortality)

Invoke: Astraea, Branwen, Spes


Image Magic

Color: blue (for healing image spells)

Plant (roots): bryony, ginger, ginseng, mandrake, potato

Invoke: Ogma



There is no physical immortality. The best an immortality spell can do is give your name, your line, or your work great longevity.

Symbol: unicorn horn, narwhal horn, spiral

Plant: amaranth flowers, apple, coriander, *everlasting, frangipani, laurel, *lotus, peach, sage, sorb apple, tansy, vervain

jewel: cinnabar, jade

Animal: pig, crane, dragonfly, serpent, birds (immortality of the soul), goat stag (the hope of immortality)

Invoke: Alys, the Hesperides, Hsi-Wang-Mu, Mu Gong



Plant: hemlock

Invoke: Brighid (poetic incantations); the Dactyls (magical incantations), Dian Cecht (healing incantations), Ea (Lord of Incantations), Ogma



Invoke: Abraxas, Goibniu

Plant: chicory, jalap root (High John) and St. John's Wort, decoction of any plant found growing as a parasite on a tamarind tree

Animal: brown hare, lion, porpoise, hoopoe



Actual physical invisibility is impossible. An invisibility spell can render you less likely to be noticed, that's all. But that can amount to the same thing.

jewel: moonstone, bloodstone, diamond, opal

Plant: amaranth, fern seed, oil of heliotrope, black hellebore, poppy, wolfbane


Making Children Happy and Apt to Learn:

Plant: vervain


Making the Imperishable Perish:

Invoke: lnanna


Making Venomous Things Harmless:

Try adding this to a salad for someone with a vicious tongue whose words cause harm.

Plant: rue (only a very tiny amount!) and walnuts



Number: 4, 12 (complete cycle of manifestation)

Zodiac: Capricorn

Invoke: Sussistanako (Thinking Woman); Anu, Ea, Ellil, Enlil

jewel: turquoise


Opening What is Shut:

Invoke: Cardea


Overcoming Obstacles:

Zodiac: Capricorn

Invoke: Aditi (who clears obstacles and frees from problems), Ekajata (to remove personal obstacles); Ganesha (to overcome difficulties or remove obstacles), Ogun

Plant: chicory



Planet: Saturn

Color: blue, light blue

jewel: amethyst, carnelian, aquamarine, blue tourmeline, yellow hyacinth, red agate, sapphire (to make peaceful)

Number: 7, 42

Animal: dove, golden eagle

Invoke: Ertha, Irene, Mary (Queen of Peace), Nerthus, Pax, Shekinah, Turan; Belobog, Belun, Freyr, Frodi, Jesus (Prince of Peace), Manannán Mac Lir, Obatala (King of Peace), the Vanir

Plant: gardenia, *olive branch, passionflower, sea holly, skullcap, vervain, violet, branches of winter bark



Planet: Jupiter, Mercury (occult power), Moon (psychic power, healing power), Full Moon (maximum power), Neptune (spiritual power), Sun (natural power), Venus (the power of love)

Direction: North

Element: fire (power of will)

Zodiac: Scorpio

Symbol: torc, unicorn horn

Number: 3 (power of unity), 8, 12 (established power)

Color: black, yellow, red (female power)

jewel: lodestone, pearl (sea power), sapphire (to maintain male power)

Metal: gold, bronze (matriarchal power), mercury (the power of becoming fluid), alloys (magical power)

Plant: cinnamon, elder (magical power), gentian, ginseng, rowan, St. John's Wort, fern seed (magical power)

Animal: bear, serpent, horse, elk, cougar, lion, elephant, scarab beetle (creative power), pair of birds (the power of love), buffalo (power to cure), otter (female power), pig (power of transformation), eagle (power in battle), snake (magical power), raven (shamanic powers)

Invoke: Amauntet (hidden power), Bia, Dynë, Hecate, Oya, Pelé (magical power), Amun (hidden power), Gonaqade't Mariamne is a name of triple power

Charm: boars' bristles

Spell: Words of Power (adapted from 7'he Egyptian Book of the Dead')

•  Recite this as a trigger to help you raise power or to calm

and center yourself before a magical working.

•  You can also memorize it and recite it mentally whenever you are in a situation where you could use some power or protection.


Now as concerning the words of power and all the words which may be spoken against me, may the gods resist them, and may each and every one of the company of the gods withstand them. Behold, I gather together the 'Word of Power from wherever It is, swifter than greyhounds and quicker than light. I live by reason of the words of power which I have with me. Heaven hath power over its seasons, and the words of power have dominion over that which they possess; my mouth therefore shall have power over the words of power which are therein. I am wholly provided with thy magical words, 0 Ra, those which are In the heaven above me and the earth beneath me.



Witches use salt, water, sunlight, incense, smoke, and crystals to purify objects. The item can be put into a bowl and covered with sea salt or surrounded by crystals, then left on a sunny windowsill. It can be placed in a bowl of salt or left overnight with crystals, then washed in the morning or washed in running water then left in the sun to dry, and so forth.

Element: fire, water

Zodiac: Virgo

Color: white

jewel: salt, quartz, sea salt, peridot, amethyst, garnet, crystals

Incense: benzoin, cedar, copal, rosemary, lavender

Invoke: Nisgaba, Sarasvati; Agni (the Purifier), Apollo (purification rituals)

Plant: alkanet, asafetida, avens, betony, birch, bloodroot, broom, cedar, centaury, fennel, ferns, hyssop, lemon, mugwort, rosemary, holy thistle, thyme, turmeric, vervain, yucca


Purifying Evil and Negativity:

Witches use eggs, onions, and crystals to clear bad vibrations out of places. We do this by leaving them in the space overnight to absorb the negativity, then purifying the crystals or throwing the eggs and/or onions away. Hyssop water and sea water can also be used to purify places.

jewel: quartz

Plant: acacia, eggs and onions


Raising the Dead:

Lazarus aside, you cannot physically raise a dead person or animal. You can, however, raise a dead issue, relationship, plan, and the like.

Plant: yew


Raising Magic Mists-

Invoke: the Telchines Plant: willow



Planet: Pluto, Sun, Moon, Waning Moon

Symbol: the shed skin of a snake

Color: black

Animal: frog, butterfly, chicken, stag, goat, cock, scarab beetle

Invoke: Isis; Attis, Itzam Na, Jesus, Osiris, Poseidon

Plant: alder, ash, cypress, white poplar


Render Witches Powerless:

Plant: elder



jewel: sea salt (merfolk rituals)

Invoke: Kamrusepas (magical rituals), Vac (spoken and chanted rituals)


Sacred Space:

Color: white


Seasonal Magic.-

Invoke: Themis



Zodiac: Scorpio

Invoke: Angerona; Horus

Plant: rose



Despite all those werewolf films, it is not possible to actually physically transform into an animal. Shape-shifting is a psychic experience, in which you perceive reality from an animal's view- point. It is used for escape and to gain knowledge or advantage. Many cultures have used drugs to achieve this state, but I don't recommend that. Try drumming and dancing with magical intent.


Animal: raven

Metal: quicksilver

Invoke: Annis, Badb, Goda, Lilith, Morgen, Otter Woman, Pelé, Scylla, Tatsuta-Hima, Thetis, Vila, White Buffalo Woman; Atabyrius, Cuchulainnn, Cu Roi, Damuzi, Dionysus, Eshu, Llew Liaw, Loki, Merlin, Odin, Periclymenus, Quikinn A'Qu (Big Raven), Zagreus


Shutting What is open:

Invoke: Cardea


Sleeping Spells:

Season: winter

jewel: amber, amethyst, lodestone, peridot, blue tourmaline

Color: blue

Number: 5

Plant: passionflower, *poppy, pillows stuffed with linden and lavender

Invoke: Ea, Hypnos, Sonmus



jewel: jet

Invoke: Circe, Greine, Pelé, Sheng-Mu; O-Kuni-Nushi, Veles

Plant: nightshade



Animal: cougar, cheetah


Use this ancient Egyptian phrase in spells to make something work fast or happen quickly:


Swifter than greyhounds and fleeter than light."



Color: black (in drinking spells)

jewel: sea salt (sea spells), aquamarine (sea spells)

Plant: pistachio (to break love spells), wintergreen (charm against spells)

Invoke: Freya (casting spells), Hecate, Isis (Lady of Spells), Kamrusepas (Goddess of Spells), Marduk



Meditation is a great way to increase your spirituality.

Color: violet, white, blue, light blue

jewel: amethyst, amber

Number: 5

Plant: cinnamon, gardenia, sandalwood

Animal: birds

Invoke: Kwan-Yin; Obatala



Planet: Mars, Saturn (strength through persistence and endurance)

Element: earth, fire (the ardor of strength) Direction: West

Color: orange, red, white (spiritual strength)

jewel: amber, diamond, crystals, chalcedonyx, chalcedony (physical strength), red jasper (inner strength), garnet (strengthen magical workings), pyrite (strengthens the will)

Tarot: Strength

Animal: lion, elephant, ox, elk, horse, bear (gentle strength), boar (warrior strength)

Invoke: Isis (strength in adversity), Romië, Savasi, Ushas, Hercules, Horus, Kratos, Ra, Wachabe (Black Bear)

Plant: carnation, garlic, mugwort, saffron, St. John's Wort, thistle

Charm: boars' bristles


Supernatural Abilities:

Plant: *crown of amaranth flowers, soma


Trance Ma '

Invoke: Freya



Planet: Moon, Full Moon, Pluto Zodiac: Scorpio

Invoke: Annapurna, Cerridwen; Horus (the Mighty One of Transformations), Poseidon

Metal: quicksilver

Jewel: sodalite, amethyst, obsidian (very powerful), black onyx (personal transformation), coral (personal transformation)

Animal: frog, butterfly, snake

Charm: shape-changing water, the shed skin of a snake



Invoke: Aditi the Unfettered (freedom from bounds), Kali; Teshub, Varuna



Jewel: opal, peridot, gray moonstone



Planet: Jupiter (political victory)

Jewel: alabaster, amethyst (victory over enemies), opal (victory against adversaries), diamond (victory in court or at war, if your cause is just)

Plant: laurel, fennel, palm tree

Animal: conch shell (victory in battle)

Invoke: Aparajita (the Unconquered), Nike, Korravai, Victoria; Vahagn


Wind Spells (see also Part 1, The Elements, Air):

Wind spells were important when ships had to rely on sail power. If you aren't a sailor, ask yourself if you have a purpose for raising winds before you trouble Mother Nature. Part of respecting magic is only using it with good reason.

Invoke: Air deities, Cardea, Oya; Aquflo, Astraeus, Boreas, EIW, EnW, Eurus, Favonius, Notus, Quetzalcoatl, Volturnus, Zephyrus

Plant: broom, saffron, sea kelp



The basic mechanism of a wish spell is any method of broadcasting your wish to the universe in order to manifest it. For example, you could write the wish down then:


*Burn the paper, sending the wish skyward;

* Seal the paper in a bottle and give it to the sea;

* Make a paper airplane of it and give it to the wind;

* Make a votive boat by folding it into a little boat and adding a small candle, lighting the candle, and setting the boat afloat on a river or stream;

* Inserting it into a balloon, filling the balloon with helium, then releasing it.


Whatever method you use, it is the magical intensity of your wish that empowers it. Herbs, stones, or things directly related to your wish can be added to the spell to make it stronger. For example, you can add herbs of love, healing, or creativity to the boat, bal- loon, or bottle if your wish concerns those things. If you are wishing for a house, you can make the votive boat out of a page from the real estate section of the paper; the employment section, if your wish is for a new job; the Personals if it is for a new relationship, and so on. Remember to be careful what you wish, because you just may get it. Sometimes the wanting is better than the having.

Invoke: Tara

Plant: bamboo, beech, buckthorn, dandelion, ginseng, peach, pomegranate, sage, sunflower, violet, walnut


Work for Small Children:

Invoke: Artemis

Plant: *clover

Color: white



Invoke: Chalchihuitlcue, Hebe, Juventas; Horus, Mabon Color: green, pink, rose

Plant: cowslip, rosemary, vervain

The light blue or green Egyptian Amulet of the Papyrus Scepter was used for vigor, the renewal of youth, and Isis-power:


It is in sound state and I am in sound state; it is not injured, and I am not injured;

it is not worn away and I am not worn away.


Youth (eternal):

(Be careful with this one, because an early death can be a kind of eternal youth)

Plant: ferns

Invoke: Iduna