The Daisy Love Spell


This spell will attract a virtuous lover, or bring honesty to your present relationship.  First, obtain twenty-one bright yellow daisies, a water-filled vase, one pink candle, and some powdered coriander. Then, place the vase in front of you, and ask the water to bring a faithful lover to you. Focus on your intention throughout the ritual. Position the candle, symbolizing your lover, in front of the vase. Light it, and arrange seven daisies in the vase. Remove the petals from seven more daisies, and shower these around the vase and candle. Place the last seven daises flat in front of you. Sprinkle the coriander over all the flowers. Finally, walk seven blocks from your home, and drop one daisy. Drop five more daisies on your way back. Leave the last daisy at your doorway, and expect a faithful love.


Marguerite Elsbeth