Primary principle-Transformation through ending and rebirth

Sign correspondence - Scorpio


Description-This is not a negative card! A knight, the "Angel of Death," is riding a white steed. The eye of the horse is red; its gaze is deter- mined. The knight is calm but also purposeful. Both horse and rider have a mission. Death carries the banner of the mystic rose. This symbol indicates the unfolding of the Life of the Spirit within the personality. The result will be the development of consciousness. Please note that this card does not stand for death in the physical sense. We are speaking here of the mystical and metaphysical death of the lower self It is the passing of one state of consciousness (and its accompanying thoughts and desires), so that the querent may be born into a new state of being. In essence, the Death card also carries with it the banner of resurrection (notice the shafts of wheat that jut out from the white rose).


Three figures stand in front of the rider and steed: a bishop (his miter is in the shape of a fish head, indicating the Christ of the Piscean Age) representing Divine Com- passion; a young man awaiting his end, symbolizing the death of some aspect of the querent's personality (perhaps embodied in the desire nature associated with a relation- ship); and the child, representing the curious inner child within us and the promise of regeneration. The knight carries no weapons, for there is no violence associated with this form of death. Finally, between the two towers above the bishop's head there is a rising sun. Thus the current conflict occurring in the querent's life and requiring this death holds within it the promise of life eternal.


In the reading-The Death card means that a plan of some sort, a condition or circumstance, or an actual person with whom the querent is in relationship is going to come to a conclusion. Although the process of release, transformation, and regeneration may be somewhat painful, the ending of the situation is the promise of resurrection and deliverance. The actual "finale" is something that cannot be avoided and must be faced by the person involved. It can mean the ending of a way of life, a relationship, or a job. This card may also indicate the finality of certain behavior patterns and ways of looking at life. Whatever the circumstances, one thing is for sure, this is the death of one cycle of life and the beginning of another. Look to the other cards in the lay for a more detailed description of the actual situation in question.


Reversal-The querent is not releasing. He or she is holding on to an old pattern of desire that will surely bring harm if something is not done to bring about change.

Exoteric meaning-An end to the way that things are and the beginning of a whole new realm of experience.


Esoteric meaning-Transformation. The "death" of old patterns and ways of living that are non-regenerative and disempowering. A greater expression of Life (Spirit) is on the way.

~taken from the "Pocket Guide to Tarot" by Alan Oken