Distant Healing


Make sure that the atmosphere you are working in is as quiet and tranquil as possible. Attunement must then be done before healing work of any kind takes place.


Sit comfortably and with feet flat on the floor and with hands palm up on the thighs. Relax the elbows . Do three full breaths ( see note at the end) and relax the body. Be aware of your feet in contact with the ground. ( any grounding exercises you are used to or more comfortable with would do just as well.)


Give thanks for the opportunity to be used as a channel for healing. Ask to be made as pure a channel as possible. Ask for protection for yourself and your patients. Dedicate yourself and the and the work asking for it to be blessed. Say any other prayers that you wish. If you wish and have the time, you can extend your attunement to create a peaceful and healing atmosphere.


Breathe in love and see it fill your body. This can be visualized as pink light. When you feel totally filled with this energy, breathe in again and on the our - breath allow the love energy to surround you and fill the space where you are going to work. Now breathe in peace and let it fill your body in the same way; this can be seen as a blue or white light. Sit for a few moments in this aura of love and peace which surrounds you and your work space.


To begin distant healing


Attune yourself as advised. Light candle and dedicate it to your healing. As for protection and give thanks for being given the opportunity to send out healing light/vibrations. Focus your mind on the heart chakra and as you inhale see this center filling up with light, see your chest expanding with this light, Not, see this light extending to a place in front of you .,,,, a group should sit in a circle so that the light is enclosed. Remember that even if you cannot see it the light of healing is still there. Now as that your list of needy people be put or held in the light and read out the names. When you list in completed give thanks. As you blow out the candle you might wish to think of this light being sent out where it is needed ... a strife ridden place or an environment under threat for example.


Full breath breathing


Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor. Notice your breathing and allow it to become slow, deep and gentle. Notice what your chest and abdomen are doing. Full breath breathing involves the movement of the abdomen. Put your hands there and imagine a balloon which is going to be filled then totally emptied. As you slowly inhale through the nose, allow the balloon to be filled by letting the abdomen gently sell outwards.... do not strain. Breathe out as you feel the balloon of your abdomen deflate....again do not strain but empty slowly. Do this exercise three times. Notice the difference between the in breathe and the out -breath. Notice how you feel. Now repeat with three more breaths but this time hold the breath for a count of three. Count three after the out-breath before the next inhalation,

Full breath breathing aids digestion and sleep. Use it when you need to calm down or think clearly. Use it when you fee depressed or unhappy.


Notes provided by Laruna's Circle - Source Unknown - If anyone where this piece comes from please let us know so full credit can be given - Thanks