Do-it-yourself Money Spell  

(Author Unknown)

Collect these items:

a green taper or votive candle, a small plate, five pennies, a squeeze jar of honey, a small serving of cinnamon.

Step 1 -- Find a quiet room where you won't be disturbed for 20 minutes.

Step 2 -- Light candle and visualize yourself writing checks to pay off bills, getting back borrowed money, etc.

Step 3 -- Secure candle to center of plate with wax.

Step 4 -- Arrange pennies in a pentagram (five-pointed star) around candle.

Step 5 -- Starting from the top, drizzle honey in a star pattern while praying to the deity of your choosing.

Step 6 -- Sprinkle cinnamon around the star while visualizing solutions to your money woes. (Be specific, but be careful what you wish for.)

Step 7 -- Snuff candle out with wetted finger. DON'T BLOW IT OUT! Blowing it out will chase away the benevolent spirits.

Step 8 -- Light candle for five consecutive nights. Results usually occur within two weeks of spellcasting.