Dream Symbols


ACHE- An ache may mean that whatever is associated with the part of the body where the ache is felt, is receiving inadequate expression.

AIRPLANE- An airplane may be a sexual symbol, representing the penis by virtue of its forceful penetrative motion. OR the symbolism of an aircraft may be the same as that of a bird: liberation, release, transcendence.

ANTLER- The antler is a symbol of male sexuality or of male aggressiveness.

ARTIST- A painter or other artist may represent the unfulfilled creative and/or intuitive side of your nature.

AWAKENING- If you dream of waking from sleep, this may be a symbol of a new awareness that is either already dawning in your life or needs to be allowed to dawn.

BAG- Being a receptacle and therefore womb-like or vagina-like, a bag may be a sexual symbol. What may determine for you the meaning of the bag in your dream is your feeling about what is in the bag, or what the bag is for.

BANK- As a storehouse of wealth, a bank may symbolize the stored up, not yet used potential of your psyche.

BUTTERFLY- This may be a symbol of your real/true self.

CEMETERY- a cemetery may symbolize death, so the dream will be expressing your feelings about death, or your feelings about some dead person.

COLD- Coldness in a dream may symbolize a cold, hard heart. Have your become emotionally frigid? What traumatic experience has caused this?

DAFFODIL- As a sign of new life, in your dreams a daffodil means you should look for clues as to the nature and source of potential personal growth, or renewal.

DIAMOND- A diamond may be a symbol of the self; of the Absolute/God; or of eternity.

FLAME- This may symbolize libido; some consuming emotion.

FORT/FORTRESS- this may symbolize of your self, your total psyche, wholeness.

GOAT- This may be a symbol of male sexuality.

HALO- A figure surrounded by halo or aureole probably means either your own 'divine'-true and whole -self or an inner source of wisdom and power.

HEN- This may mean motherhood; female sexuality.

I- means your conscious ego. Other people, animals and objects in your dreams are usually parts of yourself that your conscious self needs to relate to and cooperate with.

LENS- the image of this would probably mean you are being asked to focus your attention on something.

LILY- New life; life after death.

LIPS-May be sexual symbol, representing the vagina.

MAGICK- Power stronger than your ego; some good/bad unconscious force.

MAGICIAN- May be symbol of the Wise Old Man/Woman.