Elemental Correspondences - Air


For: Psychic Work

PLANET: Mercury, Jupiter

TIME: dawn

SEASON: Spring

QUALITY: contemplative, sanguine, masculine


JEWEL: topaz

TOOL: athame, sword, censer

ZODIAC: Gemini (Mutable Air), Libra (Cardinal Air), Aquarius (Fixed Air)

COLOR: pastels, white, clear, pale blue, bright yellow

INCENSE: frankincense, fumitory, galibanum, myrrh

SYMBOL: incense, feathers, balloons, bubbles, kites, windmills, sails, fans

PLANT: anemone (windflower), aspen, bodh tree, epiphytic plants (such as bird's nest fern), plants and trees that provide incense, pansy, poplar, primrose, vervain, violet, wall fern (poly- pody), yarrow

ANIMAL: bird, insect, eagle, hawk, sphinx

RULES: thoughts, ideas, flight, knowledge, wind, intellect, breath, learning, intuition, towers, aeries, high and windy places, the mind, the abstract, the mental plane, the sense of smell

INVOCATIONS: fairies, the lilitu (wind spirits), sylphs, sprites, undines, wind god/desses



Aditi (the Unfettered), Aerope, Aphrodite, Aradia, Arianrhod, Cardea (Queen of Winds), Cybele, Hathor, Hera, Iris, Lilith, Maman Brigette, Mary, Nut, Oya, Semiramis, Urania (Queen of Winds)



Aether, Anu, Ariel, Baal (Rider of the Clouds), Boreas, Enlil (Lord Wind), Favonius, Gabriel, Haddad, Horus, Hurakan, Indra, Jupiter, Khepera-Marduk, Mercury, Michael, Mithras, Njoerd (Lord of Fair Winds), Orion, Quetzalcoatl, Thoth, Typhon (Lord of Destructive Winds), Uranus, Yahweh, Zephyrus, Zeus


WIND SPELLS: Important in the ancient world, when ships depended on their sails for power. To raise a wind, people whistled three times in honor of the White Goddess. White clay whistles were used to summon winds in Majorca, Spain.