Other Element Systems


For: Transformation, Transcendence, Astral Work, Workings That Relate to Time Itself


Some traditions count spirit, sometimes called ether or akasha, as a fifth element.


COLOR: Clear

INCENSE: mastic

PLANT: almond tree in bloom, mistletoe

ANIMAL: sphinx


Goddesses: Isis, Shekinah

Gods: Akasha, IAO, Jehovah, Shiva (Lord of Yoga)


Four elements unified by spirit were the basis of Celtic magic. The Druidic universe contained four elements unified by balance.



The Chinese work with five elements, each with its own correspondences:


Water: can give rise to wood; conquers fire:





Numbers- I and 6     

Rules-Ears, Bones, Bladder, Kidneys

Virtue-Good Faith    

Nature-Soak and Descend


God: Hsyan Ming



Fire- can give rise to earth; vanquishes metal:





Numbers-2 and 7       

Rules-Tongue, Blood Vessels,


Heart, Small Intestine

Nature-Blaze and Ascend      


God-Chu Jung


Wood: can give rise to fire; conquers earth:





Numbers-3 and 8      

Rules-Eyes, Sinews,


Gallbladder, Liver

Nature-Be Crooked and Straight      


God-Kou mang


Metal: can give rise to water; destroys wood:





Numbers-4 and 9       

Rules-Nose, Body Hairs, Lungs,


Large Intestine

Nature-Yield and Change      

Color- White

God-ju Shou


Earth:   Can give rise to metal; overcomes water:


Quality-Sweet Season-All            


Numbers-5 and 10     

Rules-Mouth, Muscles, Stomach, Pancreas  


Nature-Seed growing and Harvest    


God-Hou T'u


Egyptians assigned the following cardinal points to the elements: North-Earth South-Water East-Fire West-Air


There are five elements in India, each corresponding to a sense: Ether/Space-Hearing Air/Wind-Touch Fire-Sight

Water-Taste Earth-Smell



There is more in this world than meets the eye, and elementals fall into that category. Have you ever been transfixed as you watched a budding or a forest burn? Have you ever stood on a high balcony, on the deck of a ship, or at the edge of a precipice and felt a sudden, unaccountable urge to throw yourself from it? If so, you have experienced something of the power of elementals.

Elementals, also called devas or djinn, are said to live in the deva kingdom or fairy realm. Envocation is one way to contact them. You find them wherever they may be: by fireplaces, in fields, wells, and windy places, during storms, earthquakes, and brush- fires, at the shore-wherever an element makes itself known.

Some people have a natural affinity for a particular element, and a natural ability to make contacts there. This can relate to your astrological sign. Dion Fortune speaks about contacting elementals in Psychic Self-Defense.-


Any elemental contact is stimulating to us, because elemental beings Pour forth in abundance the vitality of their own particular sphere, and this vitalizes the corresponding element in ourselves. But if a four-element creature is drawn into the sphere of a single element be is poisoned by an overdose of the one element in which he finds himself, and starved of the other three. It is for this reason that mortals in the fairy kingdom are al- ways said to be enchanted or asleep.

Dion Fortune, Psychic Self Defense (York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, 1992), p. 82


Elementals, except these of earth, are dangerous to work with. They are very powerful, unpredictable, and usually destructive. Like spirits, they are easier to summon than to banish. Fascination, mental unbalance, and obsession are all hazards of working with them. It is a good idea to have fire insurance before working with fire elementals, and I wouldn't fly if I had been working with air elementals.

Dion Fortune says:


Elementals have got a one-way intelligence, and it is not well that they should be senior partners in any alliance with human beings.  


For all these reasons, I work with deities rather than elementals. They are not as powerful, but are much safer. Gods and goddesses get the job done. Work with elementals at your own risk.