Elemental Correspondences - Water


For: Healing, Love Spells, Purification, Psychic Work, Fertility, Weather - -


PLANET: Moon, Neptune, Saturn, Venus

TIME: twilight

SEASON: Autumn

QUALITY: emotional, phlegmatic, feminine


JEWEL: crystal, coral, sea salt, jade, pearl, mother-of-pearl

TOOL: chalice, cauldron

ZODIAC: Cancer (Cardinal Water), Scorpio (Fixed Water), Pisces (Mutable Water)

COLOR: blue, black, green, clear

INCENSE: lotus, myrrh, aromatic rush roots

SYMBOL: pitcher, wave, tear, raindrop, snowflake

PLANT: aquatic plants, ferns, fungi, lotus, moss, reeds, rushes, seaweed, soma, squill, watercress, water lily, willow

ANIMAL: sea mammals, marine life, crocodile, salamander, serpent, sea bird, water-dwelling snake

RULES: emotions, fertility, sensuality, intuition, change, sorrow, compassion, receptivity, feelings, tides, love, ecstasy, courage, mystery, daring, oceans, rivers and streams, springs, wells and lakes, waterfalls and pools, marine life, psychic ability, the feminine, the sense of taste, the unconscious, the subconscious, the womb

INVOCATIONS: merfolk, Kelpie, Kludde, undines, Wadj Wer, water sprites


 Amphitrite (Goddess of Salt Waters), Anahita (the Great Goddess of Waters), Aphrodite Anadyomene, Artemis, Asherah of the Sea, Astarte, Atargatis, Carinenta, Cerridwen, Erzulie, Eurynome, Gwenhwyfar (the Mermaid), Ishtar, Isis, Kupala, Luonnotar (the Water Mother), Marina, Minerva (navigation), the Naiads, the Nereids, the Oceanids, Ondines, Oshun, Sarasvati (Flowing Water), sirens, the Telchines (the Sea Children), Tethys, Thetis, Tiamat, Yemaya



Haddad, Aegir, Apsu (the Deep), Ariel, Baal, Cephissus, Dylan (Son of the Wave), Ea (God of Sweet Waters, Lord of the House of Water), Enlil, Enki, Gabriel, Ganymede, Glaucus, Hapi, Uyr, Manannan Mac Lir, Michael, Neptune, Nereus (the Old Man of the Sea), Njoerd, Oceanus, Osiris of the Mysteries (who springs from the returning waters), Poseidon, Proteus, Raphael, Triton, Typhon


WATER SPELLS: In spell casting, pooled water represents the occult realm. These are three types of water used in spells:

Holy Water.- usually rainwater, but some witches use water from sacred springs or holy wells, or have their own recipes. I like rosewater.

Shape-Changing Water.- melted snow, for changes and trans- formation.

Virgin Water.- water that has never flowed through pipes: sea water, well water, spring water, and so on.


Rain was often made by sympathetic magic in the ancient world. Making sounds to imitate thunder was a common shamanic technique. The Danaids, priestesses of Demeter at Argos, made rain by pouring water through a vessel with holes in it. Native Americans used rain dances.


PLANTS for rain spells: cotton, ferns, rice, toadstools

INVOCATIONS for rain spells:

Goddesses for rain spells:

Ashnan, Gauri, the Hyades (Rain Makers), Inanna, Ino, Io, juturna (to end drought), Libya (Dripping Rain), Mujaji (the Rain Queen), Sadwes, Tallay (Daughter of Showers), Sao-Ching, Tefnut, Yemaya


Gods for rain spells:

Abu Ruhm, Chac, the Chiccan, Cocijo, Frey (God of Rain), Hahana, Ku, liat, Indra, Itzam Na, Kura-Okami-No-Kami (Great Producer of Rain on the Heights for rain or snow), Lung-Wang (the Dragon Kings), Menzabac, the Nommo, Nyame (Giver of Rain), Ryujin, Sudrem, Tlaloc, Tonendi (Lord of the Celestial Waters)


Rain baths were once in vogue for healing chronic and nervous disorders. A rain bath consisted of standing naked in the rain, followed by a brisk massage. This was said to heal because of the minerals in rainwater.


Unlike rain spells, sea rituals invoked the ocean deities and used plants like ash and sea kelp. Frankincense is a good incense for sea rituals.