Primary principle---Authority

Sign correspondence—Aries

Description--Here we have a mighty king sitting on a throne. He is wearing dark red and scarlet robes that symbolize his assertiveness. Red is the symbol of sexual energy, and this energy of- ten motivates the personality in its drive to express personal will. We can see that under his robe he is garbed in plate armor. The King is willing to defend and protect his throne, his position, his people, and his kingdom. In essence, he is safeguarding all that he stands for and all that he has created. Carved into his throne are four rams' heads. These represent four of the major characteristics of the sign Aries: individuality, self- projection, enterprise, and expression of personal will. Mountains stand in the background, indicating the stability of his courage and the forthright nature that is so much a part of who he is.  In his right hand The King holds a rod in the shape of an "ankh." This is both a symbol of life and the astrological glyph for Venus. It then becomes clear that the force behind his rule is Divine Love.


In the reading - The querent must stand up for and rely upon his own power and authority in terms of the question under discussion. All activity at this time should be motivated by the individual's need to take action. The objective in life should now be based on the querent's need to express his true nature in the world around him. Sometimes the present circumstances require a person to be protective of the people and things in the immediate environment. An expression of force, coupled with love, is required. This card states that such action is intelligent and reasonable. Abundant energy is available for all plans and projects, but perhaps-the urge to control should be examined to make sure that the use of power is coming from the right source within oneself


Reversed-There could be an over-expansion and misuse of personal energy, causing a person to be drained of vitality. He may be attempting to accomplish something that can- not be done without the use of excessive force. There is a problem with opponents who impede the querent's success. This sense of opposition, however, may only be in the individual's mind, causing undue worry and anxiety. Try to be calm and reflective.


Exoteric meaning-- The systematic and constructive use of mind to create and sustain the structures, forms, and patterns in life.


Esoteric meaning- The ability to use all the talents of the conscious mind for the purpose of the Higher Will.  


from the Pocket Guide to Tarot - by Alan Oken