Empowering Ritual

In magical herbalism we use the powers within plants to manifest needed changes.  Herbs do indeed contain energies that we can use to improve out lives.  But these powers are not enough.  We must add personal power to the herbs and the mixtures we produce with them.  Only by combining plant and human energies will herb magic truly be effective.  Below is listed one such empowering ritual.  Blessed Be.

  •    Focus on the magical operation (in this case, empowering)

  •    Build energy within our bodies

  •    Move energy into the mixture

  •   Impress upon the conscious mind that the operation has been done, thereby soothing our societally conditioned doubts.


Have the completed herb mixture in a jar, bowl, or bottle.  This empowering ritual is performed with the finished product, not the raw ingredients.  Empower mixtures when you are alone.  If others are present in the house, go outside to a quiet spot or shut yourself in a room.  Ensure that you won’t be interrupted for a few minutes.

Just before the ritual, close your eyes for ten second or so and breathe slowly, to relax your conscious mind and to prepare for the coming transference of power.    

Open your eyes and begin.

The Ritual

Light a candle of the color appropriate to the mixture’s nature – blue for healing, white for purification, red for love, etc.

Hold the jar, bottle or bowl of mixture in your hands.  Sense the nonaligned (non specific) energies it contains.

Visualize yourself with the type of power desired for the mixture.  For example, see yourself bursting with health and vitality, or happily in love.

This can be difficult.  If you aren’t adept at visualization, simply feel your magical need.  Buildup your emotions regarding the mixture’s purpose.  If you’re sick feel the depth of your desire and need to be well.

Now begin to build up your personal power.  You might do this by slowly tensing your muscles, working from your feet up.  When your whole body it tense, visualize (or feel) the power concentrating in your hands.

Next, with the energy tingling in your hands, visualize it streaming into the mixture, perhaps as shimmering strands of purplish white light that pour from your palms and enter the herbs.  You may wish to visualize energy in accordance with the candle’s color – blue for healing, red for love etc.

If you have difficulty imagining this, state in s firm voice your magical intention.  For a healing bath mixture you might say something along the lines of:

I charge you by the Sun and Moon

To consume disease,

To wash away its causes and to heal.

So mote it be!

Protective incense may be empowered with such words as these:

I charge you by the Sun and Moon

To drive off negativity and evil

Wherever you are consumed by fire.

So mote it be!

An oil might be empowered to “destroy disease where you are rubbed” or to “spread peace and calm.”  Again, feel free to compose your own words, suiting them to the mixture and the magical need.    

When you feel drained of energy, when you know that it has left your body and entered the mixture, set it down and shake your hands vigorously for a few moments.  This cuts off the flow of energy.

Relax your body.  Pinch out the candle flame (or snuff it out) and save for use with another empowering ritual of the same type.  The empowerment is done.