Along with OTHEL, FEHU is a rune of material gain.  When upright, it usually indicates prosperity coming to you in some form.  This is a rune of fulfillment Ė something which you have been striving towards will finally be within your grasp.  It signifies overcoming opposition, whether personal (another individual thwarting your plans) or impersonal (A bad situation, time frame, etc.)  When FEHU is upright, especially in the result position, it suggests that you have what it takes to win out over the opposing forces through diligence and hard work.

Look to the other runes with which FEHU is paired for other clues to its meaning.  Paired with love runes, it can signify a romantic gain of some sort.  It suggests that any declaration of tender feelings will be well received, if only you can get up the courage to express them.

It can also indicate a fortunate new career opportunity or, because of its association with something earned, a fortunate financial investment.

If FEHU is surrounded by negative or delaying runes, it may signify the time is not right for any new beginnings which you may be contemplating, either in romance, such as starting a new love affair, or in business, as in new partnership or agreement.

In this case, you would best be advised to concentrate on hoarding or conserving what you already have gained, rather than jumping with both feet into totally uncharted territory.

If the question deals with whether or not you should drop one project in favor of another, FEHUís counsel is to keep with the task.  As long as this rune remains upright, no matter how difficult things may seem at present, one should not give up while there is still even the remotest chance of success.  You may be experiencing bad times now, but the dawn always follows the dark.  With FEHU, you are put on notice that it is almost sunrise.



Reversed, FEHU indicates a loss or disappointment of some sort if you continue on in the same manner. 

When surrounding runes are essentially positive, it may merely be a disappointing delay, and obstacle in your path that you would prefer not to deal with at this time.

In a primarily negative runecast, it could indicate a material loss which cannot be recovered.  Also, it may counsel you to abandon any plan already under way as it is not likely to prove very effective in the long run.

You may be experiencing considerable frustration in your life at the moment.  This is a time when you will have a lot of problems maintaining your financial or emotional status.

When FEHU reversed related to romantic involvement, it indicates that possible arguments, doubts, and suspicions may arise, but unless surrounded but truly negative runes, the problem may only be temporary.

Whenever this rune comes up reversed, be especially vigilant, doubtful situations are everywhere, and care must be taken not to become entangled at this time in any deals or relationships which would bring grief later on.