Food Magic

Place ears of Red corn in baskets on the floor to protect the home Winter Solstice was observed with a special bread in medieval Europe Similar to pretzels. It was circular and formed a solar cross in the center, and called "bretzel" or " pretzel". Eat them on Winter solstice to honor the sun.

The following types of breads have diverse energies and magical uses. Visualize accordingly when baking:

  • Twisted breads- protection. The more twists, the more protection

  • Egg breads- Fertility

  • Saffron breads- spirituality. To a lesser degree, so do round breads.

  • Sprouted breads- psychic awareness

  • Pita breads- spirituality

  • Seven or eight grain bread- money attractant

  • Dill Bread- love

  • Garlic bread- protection

For a morning Love enhancer fill a teaspoon with ground cinnamon. Carefully pour a bit of the spice in the shape of a heart on a piece of toasted bread. While visualizing, spread it out with a knife and eat Contemporary magicians in Louisiana prescribe magical parsley baths to attract money. Place about 2 c fresh parsley in a square of doubled cheesecloth. Tie it to make a bag, add it to your bath like a tea bag, and visualize while you soak.

In Japan, some restaurant owners place small piles of salt at either side of the entrance to their businesses to attract prosperity, customers and business.  Bury a fresh egg under your threshold on May Day to guard your home against evil.

Various magical energies in ice cream:

  • Blueberry cheesecake- protection

  • Butter Pecan- money and employment

  • Cherry Vanilla- love

  • Chocolate (any form) money, love

  • Coffee- conscious mind

  • Cookies and cream- money

  • Macadamia Nut- money

  • Neapolitan- love, money

  • Peach- love, health, happiness, wisdom

  • Peanut Butter- money

  • Peppermint- healing, purification

  • Pumpkin- healing, money

  • Praline- Money

  • Strawberry- love

  • Swiss Almond- money, love

  • Vanilla- love


From Scott Cunningham's "The Magic of Food"