Freyja (lady)


Origin Nordic (Icelandic) or Germanic.

Fertility and vegetation goddess.

Known period of worship Viking period (circa 700 ad) and earlier, until after Christianization (circa 1100ad).

Freyja is one of the most popular of the deities in Asgard. A Vanir goddess, twin sister and/or wife of Freyr, and daughter of Njord. A goddess of love concerned with affairs of the heart, marriage and prosperity. Much sought after by giants, and reputed to have enjoyed sexual liaisons with many suitors, including gods and elves. She drives a chariot pulled by two cats and is said to roam at night in the form of a she-goat. She also rides upon a boar with golden bristles, the Hildeswin.

Closely associated with death, according to some legends she received half of those slain in battle.  A weeping goddess with tears of gold, symbolized by the boar, she wears a necklace with ritual significance, the Brisingamen. Said to be able to take the shape of a falcon and fly great distances.

Associated with a form of witchcraft, seior, involving a seeress and divination. Frigg and Freyja are possibly separate aspects of a single divine principle



"Queen of the Valkyeries". Norse (Scandinavian) goddess of love, sex, sensuality, passion, and fertility. Called the most beautiful of the goddesses. She is also the patron Goddess of crops and birth. Her father is Njörd; her brother, Freyr. She spends much of her time with the faeries. She symbolizes war, fertility, Leo magic, fruitfulness, the moon, poetry, child blessing, maternity.



"Freyja, Of the many names, Join us.

Freyja, Of the golden tears, Join us.

Freyja, Daughter of Njord, Join us.

Freyja, Wife of Od, Join us.

Freyja, Sister of Freyr, Join us.

Freyja, Mother of Hnoss, Join us.

Freyja, Claimed by Thrym, Join us.

Freyja, Driver of cats, Join us.

Freyja, Goddess of Fertility, Join us.

Freyja, Who shares the slain with Odin, Join us.

Freyja, Who taught the Aesir Magick, Join us.

Freyja, Lender of Falcons' Flight, Join us.

Freyja, Mistress of Brisingamen, Join us.

Freyja, Mistress of Folkvang, Join us.

Freyja, Mistress of nature, Join us.

Freyja, Your servant _______ calls you! Come to me NOW!"


Goddess of Love Freya ************

The Nordic Goddess of love & fertility, Freya, is how we have the name Friday. She is identified with Idunna, who gave the Gods the fruit of living immortally, the golden apples. She loves all things that give pleasure, loves harmony and beauty. She loves jewels, clothing, lovemaking and arts and crafts. Greek and Roman Mythology does not mention that she was also the Warrior Goddess who chose half of the heroes who died on the battlefield to take them to Sessrumnir, her many seated hall.

In the earlier myths, the gentle Goddess whose power made men and women come together to beget new life was also the one who harvests it at the end so that the circle of life may continue.  Venus, in the Western sky, is also another name for Freya the Lady of Love, and the most enduring of Goddesses. She blesses your nights as Well as your days. Some believe she is the oldest of Goddesses, second only to Mother Earth, and perhaps this is true, for if Venus, who the Greeks Called Aphrodite, did not bring male and female together how else would the Other gods have been created?

Some believe that Venus, Freya, came from Asia Minor. In those days she was the Goddess who went to war if needed. The Greeks did try and tame her, but the poets called her "golden crowned, radiant Aphrodite" fearing her power. The singer of the Carmina Burana called Venus, Freya, the worlds illumination, rose of the world, at a time when she like the rest of the Gods, were long gone. They also say that Freya was the last of the Norse deities to receive worship from men.

None of the new patriarchal religions have known how to deal with the power of sexual love. But Freya is more than a goddess of sexual passion. She is present in all of our "tender" emotions. She was born from sea foam, and it is her power you feel within you when you feel the beauty of song, look upon the sunset, or memories move you to tears. Your very feelings are proof that you are still alive! All of the things that make you able to enjoy the world rather than just endure it are Freya's gifts. Pity, tenderness, grace, delight, romance, passion, charm and laughter are all of her gifts within your soul.

Men sometimes pretend that these gifts have no place in their working world. But they become helpless when the Goddess Freya appears through their emotion. Incorporating her qualities in the workplace brings the power of Venus energy thereby turning even the most hostile working environments into a garden of Eden.

Call upon Freya, on Fridays, when you need to bring harmony and grace To your working life as well as your home life. Call upon Freya when wanting to do a love spell. Cast your sacred circle, call upon your protection, circle yourself with light, chant "What my heart hopes for the most Freya makes happen....Freya please join forces on my side....." Making certain all planets are in perfect alignment, all is in balance in body, mind & spirit...with harm to none and in the highest good of all...this I make true....Keeping me forever beautiful inside and out.....3x3x3

********special note********

Goddess Freya enjoys the scent of Rose, Cedar and Sandalwood, Cypress And Myrtle......Bach Flower Remedies to escape from worry is Agrimony, a Few drops will enhance your ability to eliminate the worry feelings. Call Upon the Goddess Freya anytime, but most powerfully on Friday!