Full Moon & Eclipse at the New Year

By Estelle Daniels


The New Year’s Full Moon fills up the winter sky.  It is also a lunar eclipse which will intensify the current energies in the air.  Cancer, the sign of family, home, and hearth, draws on your inner resources and early education.  To take advantage of this energy, take a red and green candle and write down the things you are thankful for and that you intend to accomplish through this New Year.  As you burn the candles, meditate on your resources, your family, and support network.  How do they help you accomplish your goals, and how do you help others in accomplishing theirs?  Burn the paper while releasing any leftover holiday blues and then cook something fun for yourself.  Look around your home – perhaps there are little things you can do to make it more cozy and comfortable.  Clean up any leftover holiday clutter.