Full Moon Spell for Fun and Surprises

By Estelle Daniels


The Imbolc Full Moon (at 19 degrees of Leo) is opposite Uranus, the planet of the unexpected.  You should expect some surprises now, and plenty of fun, since Leo is a sign of pleasure, children, and love.  Treat yourself to an outing with a young person and go to the movies, have lunch, hang around the mall.  Be flexible in case of the unexpected.  Burn a yellow or golden candle and meditate on children and how they are important to society.  Send love and peaceful energy to the children of your neighborhood and those who care for them.  Furthermore, the Moon may bring love from an unexpected source.  Wait awhile before committing, because Uranus can make people come in and out of your life very quickly.  Have fun while it lasts and donít harbor regrets.