From "365 Goddesses"


Themes: Joy, love, arts, femininity, beauty, sexuality, sky.

Symbols: Mirrors, cow, sandalwood, rose incense and rattles.

Hathor, a sky Goddess of Egypt, brings happiness, romance, and an appreciation for musical arts into our lives. Sacred or erotic dances are welcome offerings to Hathor.

To honor this goddess make yourself as appealing as possible and spend time with a significant other . Hathor's favor will increase love and passion and she'll improve your chance of finding a bed partner.

To summon Hathor's energy place some rice and beans in a plastic container (makeshift rattle). Play some lusty music and dance around the room clockwise while shaking the rattle and saying

"Love, passion and bliss,

by Hathor's power kissed"

This will drive away negativity and generate joy, promote artistic awareness and love.