Hawk: Red-Tailed

They are a very common Hawk in the U.S. They live in a wide variety of environments from Alaska to Panama. They are quick, skillful flyers and can often be seen riding air thermals over fields looking for prey. They prefers, though, to hunt from a perch in a tree, because they are able to take off and accelerate rapidly to strike. Re Hawks eat rabbits, rodents, snakes, frogs, fish, lizards and even other birds when thy can catch them. They seem to be especially fond of rattlesnake meat and will even risk the snake's deadly venom to get their treat. A mated pair will occupy the same nest year after year unless the nest is gone to usurped by another formidable bird. They are considered by many to be the complement of the Great Horned Owl, as they share the same ranges and will even share nests, alternating by using them at different times of the year. The Hopi call them Red Eagle and give them almost as much ritual significance as true Eagles.

Red Hawks are fiery and explosive, like the Sun. They bring out these qualities in people. They are various shades of red, like a hot, raging fire. As the complement of the owl, the night eagle associated with the Moon, the Red-Tailed Hawk has a special affinity then with the Sun. They explode into action as quickly as a fire burning through tinder. If Red Hawk is circling above you, it is saying you need to embrace the power of fire and come alive with energy and passion for life. If you are clearly aware of what you were thinking or doing when Red Hawk showed itself to you, look to that as a place to ignite your fire.

For a long time, Red-Tailed Hawks were shot because of an erroneous belief that they ate poultry. Is there something in your life that you are possessive about, and are trying to keep at the expense of another? Possessiveness is stifling to yourself and to the person or thing that you are focusing on and is potentially damaging to others. If Red Hawk appears to you, another possible message is to not squelch the fire by claiming undue ownership.

This message is from the Book---ANIMAL ENERGIES by Gary Buffalo Horn and Sherry Firedancer