Healing Rituals and Spells - Page Two


Healing Spell #1

"Wrap thee in cotton

Bind thee with love

Protection from Pain

Surrounds like a glove.

May the brightest of blessings

Surround thee this night.

For thou art cared for,

Healing thoughts sent in flight....."


Healing Spell #2 

You need:

3 candles; blue, white, pink

Incense (allspice or rosemary)

Paper with name of recipient

Quartz crystal


Place candles on alter in semi-circle, with the incense of to the side.  Place the person's name in the center, with the quartz crystal on top. Center yourself and inhale the incense. Gather energy, and when you feel ready, release the energy, directing it through the crystal to the recipient.


Healing Spell #3

Ok one last healing spell, but this one goes to the earth:

Say this with loving intent:

We unite with each other in love,

as together we come in complete

harmony with the Lord and Lady on

behalf of our wounded Earth.


With humility and gratitude, we

build this network of light to

serve the highest good by raising

and sending healing energy to our planet.


We pray for healing and awakening

for ourselves and our world.  May

we learn to walk in balance upon

the land and give as freely as we take.  

So Mote It Be.