Primary principle-Inner reflection

Sign correspondence-Virgo

Description--A man is holding a lantern that lights his way. The light in the lantern is in the shape of a six-pointed star, revealing the fusion of the triple nature of the lower self (physical, emotional, and mental) with the three primary energies of the Soul (higher mind, intuition, expressing as love). This card does not necessarily indicate that The Hermit is in isolation. It does show that a certain amount of inner contemplation is required in order to bring about that stage in our personal development characterized by the starlight. The Hermit speaks to us of the awareness we can obtain from our Inner Guidance. It tells us that certain sacrifices are necessary to transform the excesses of our daily lives in order to receive a deeper, spiritual gift of Light. The Hermit stands atop the peak of a snowy mountain. He has traveled far with only the aid of a walking stick in his physical ascent. The Light is the real tool he uses (and offers) to guide our footsteps.


In the reading-The Hermit tells us that the querent is either going through, or needs to go through, a period of self-examination in order to search for a new definition of "Truth." The person may have to spend a period of time in solitude trying to develop his inner tools for a life more in keeping with his inner truth. A "vision quest" may be required so that the querent can express his real nature both to the people and circumstances surrounding him. This may require a voyage of discovery, either through actual travel (usually alone) or an attempt at deep study and meditation. Breaking away from routine may be what is needed in order to achieve these goals.


Reversed-The Hermit in this position represents someone who is using escapism in order to avoid facing reality. The querent may also be deceiving himself through attachment to old beliefs and outworn ideals. These attachments are creating patterns of expression that do not serve the person's material or spiritual growth; they only lead to self-defeat.


Exoteric meaning-Inner searching and exploration. The process of systematically analyzing personal viewpoints and the current state of one's development. The promise of discovering new ideas to stimulate growth, but only after deep searching.


Esoteric meaning-Completeness. The understanding, development, and mastery of all facets of personal consciousness. The search for the next spiritual goal in life.