Primary principle--Emotions

Planetary correspondence-Moon

Description- A young woman is seated. The crescent moon is at her feet, symbolizing the emotional nature. Her garments are aqua in color and flow down about her, revealing the fluidity of feelings. She is holding a scroll with the word "TORA" imprinted on it. The Tora(h) is the five sacred Books of Moses found in the Old Testament. The High Priestess embraces Cosmic Law and is given the understanding of the rhythms and patterns of the universe. On the tapestry behind her are pomegranates and palms, which stand for fertility and creativity. She sits between two pillars (one black and one white) of the "Mystic Temple." On one of these columns is the letter 'B" for Binah, the Hebrew word indicating the loving power of the World Mother, the feminine force in the universe. The other pillar holds the letter "J" for Jehovah, the father, the masculine face of divinity. My own interpretation (the cards lend themselves to many meanings) is that the "B" can also represent Buddha (mind) and the "J" Jesus (heart). Her position is midway between them, telling us that she represents the Middle Path between these natural opposites (heart and mind). It is in this way that she finds (and bestows) balance, compassion, and illumination.


In the reading---The High Priestess is a card of understanding and wisdom. It reveals that the querent is someone who knows the correct path to take in the current situation. It reflects that the querent herself may be of guidance to others or is currently in the process of receiving guidance from a wise woman (perhaps the Tarot reader!). This person is someone who can teach a new rhythm and way of life. The card deals with the revelation of hidden mysteries and the unfolding of deeper sentiments.


Reversed-The querent or the situation is surrounded by unclear thinking and misjudgment. The individual is not grasping what needs to be understood, nor is the person teaching getting her point across clearly. A cloud of desires obscures the issue, as the querent (or any other person in question) may be concerned only with what she wants and not with the highest good for all. Emotions dominate, and vision is blurred. The High Priestess in this position may also reflect a co-dependent relationship, limiting one's potential for emotional growth.


Exoteric meaning---Emotions and feelings are strongly involved (perhaps the primary motivation) in the situation.


Esoteric meaning-The emotional nature of the personality can be transformed into a useful tool for the intuitive and compassionate nature of the Soul.