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Portal Between the Worlds

(The Grove Links)

Here are links to some of my favorite sites, and as you will see my taste is very diverse! I am always looking for new links to add, so if you don't see one here that you think I (and the other visitors here) might like, feel free to send me an email with the link (the address is at the bottom of the page). If you are the owner of a page that you would like linked here, and /or would like to link me, the same applies - email me. I will be posting the link banner here soon so you wont have to wait for me to send it, but I haven't decided what it will look like (Hey I am a picky chick ok?) Thank you very much for your cooperation - Athena

Craft Related Links

Circle Sanctuary Home Page

Aine's Cauldron

Mystical Xanadu home of LochAine's D'Zignz

Mama Rosie's Page

Cauldron and Broomstick Resource Page

Witch Way Graphics

Aeclectic ~ Tarot and Gothic Art

Silverravenwolf's Site

The American Tarot Association

Lorealei's Wiccan site

Astrology.Com (great site for horoscopes, etc)

Miscellaneous Links

Swords of the Wolf (Run by Laruna's Friend Sam!!)

Wrestling Related Links

A site dedicated to ALL Dark Wrestlers

Simply Awesome: A Tribute to Mike Awesome

Black Widow's Page

The Cat's Meow - A Tribute to Buff Bagwell of WCW

The Lord of Darkness

The Wrestling Crypt

B.C.W. Home Page

The Goddess's Boudoir

Night Jewel's Forest of Storms ( a GREAT fiction site dedicated to Elf-Quest™)


Dark Thoughts

Dark Lord's Bride

Sasha's Kane and Undertaker Site

Hellfire's Hot Men of Wrestling

Midian's Militia

Yeah That's Pierced Too - A tribute to Prince Albert

Southern Comfort - Bradshaw

IceWolf's Lair

The Original Jim Dotson Page (a great site!!)

Blackrose's site


The Mistress and Her Tribute to the Ministry

Gabrielle's Tomb

Takerwoman's Cemetary

Lashana's Ranch

Sonje's Undertaker and Kane Galleries

Graphics and Web Design Tools and Resources

(a shameless plug I know but tell me you wouldn't do it *g*)

Pagan Gifs, Jpegs and more - Free site specializing in Pagan Graphics

Laren's Pagan Graphics - Great pagan Graphics, highly recommended

FreeSite.com (great place for web and graphic resources free!)

Java File (this site has free java applets, scripts, tutorials and more)

Gisella's Gifts for You (another good site...I highly recommend it)

AOLPress (if you know absolutely NO HTML code this is a less expensive solution than some of the other web builder programs)

TUCOWS Network (this site has almost anything you can think of!)

Creativepro.com - Another great resource site for graphics

Corel Homepage (if you use any of their graphic design products or plugins this is a great page for tips, etc)

Adobe Home Page (the same as Corel, they have free downloads and they offer a free newsletter with great resource articles)

Webmonkey.com - this site has some great html tutorials, resources and tips for all levels