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All the up-to-date info is here!

Here the updates to the site will be listed with links for your convenience.

Enjoy! Athena 

If you wish to see the awards we have won, or wish to earn one from this site, please visit our Display Case

October 20, 2002 - Added tons more to the dream dictionary, including individual posts, some listings, and dream symbols.  Also, take a moment to visit the DWWDT2K2 page - it's worth it!

September 22, 2002 - Added the beginnings of a Dream Dictionary to the Divination Section.  Also added the Voting Award and Member Graphics to the Display Case.  Joined the BOTA House of the Aztecs Web Ring, which can be viewed on the front page Added a Gaelic Blessing to the Singing Stones.

September 21, 2002 - Added Mabon information (celebration ideas, recipes, etc)  in the BoS section, added Mabon Incense in the Herbs and Aromatherapy section as well.  I also have a BOTA voting award to put up, but it is on a machine that is currently being overhauled, so it will go up on the next update.  Also, we have our Premier issue of the Grove Guide ezine - check it out.

September 1, 2002 - Well if you have visited the Grove in the last week or so, then you have noticed the design change!  What can I say? I get bored with a look after a bit so I experiment - no harm in that.

Well, on to the updates:

Added "13 steps to Inner Control" and "Coven at Pooh's Corner" to the Singing Stones

Added "Methods of Herbal Preparation" and a "Witches' Brew" compilation in the Herbs, Essential Oils, and Aromatherapy section

Added "Lessons Not In Books", "Computer Repair Spell", a "Do It Yourself Money Spell", and a "Revive Your Magickal Power" spell in the BoS section

Added a link to the Shadow Mists and Real Magick.com to the Craft Link section in Portal links.

Athena's Pagan Site of Excellence Award given to Lady Aquaina for her wonderful site at http://www.geocities.com/spwelkin