Invocation To Artemis

O Thou Beautiful
Lady of the Moon,
Virgin Artemis,
Mysterious and Triune,
Who bearest a bow
And a quiver of splendour
With elegant arrows
Made of glittering silver,
Sister of Apollo
And daughter of Zeus,
Most Mysterious Woman,
Mystick and Abstruse,
Who art Selene above
Waxing in the sky,
And Hecate below
Waning with a sigh,
And Artemis on earth
Protecting child birth,
Thou Triple Goddess
Of the Ageless Moon,
Lady of the Nocturnal
And Mystick Swoon,
Virgin Artemis
Of Lunar Delight,
Admirable Queen
Of the Starry Night,
Lover of youth
And Guardian of Truth,
Holy Priestess
And Virgin Huntress,
Mighty Protectress,
Full Moon in Darkness,
Holy Virgin,
Holy Guardian,
Blessed Goddess
Of the Cypress Garden,
We invoke thy
Lunar Ecstasy,
And we invoke thy
Mystick Trance!
We invoke thy
Magick Sovereignty,
And we invoke thy
Secret Guidance!
Come, O come, Lady Artemis,
Our beloved Moon,
And fill us with your Mystick
And Wondrous Swoon!
We invoke thee to enrich
Our souls with thy Mystick Power,
Come, O come, in this,
Thine holy hour!

Issued by the Thelemic
Order of the Golden Dawn
(Novus Ordo Aureae Aurora)

By Sir David Cherubim
(Frater Aureae Aurora)
Copyright (c) 1989 e.v.