8-16-00 ~ Idle Thoughts

By Aengus Og

As I drove to work this morning I looked up and saw the full moon still high in the sky in front of me. Behind me was the sun rising to its full glory. As I drove the same route that I drive 5 times a week I let my mind wander slightly. I thought of how different those two items looked to me now. A year ago I would have thought isn't that neat and continued on my way cursing at traffic and wondering how soon I could get the day over with. Today I saw the two in whole different light, so to speak. I saw the moon and thought of what I have learned about the power of the full moon, of how for ages, either alone or in groups, people have gazed upon its beauty and seen the power and glory that is in such a sight. I saw the sun behind me rising in a glorious reddish-orange and I thought of what the sun means. It gives the warmth to mother earth, it allows for the recharge of all the energies that we draw upon to heal, to travel, to allow the growing of all that we consider sacred and so much more. I thought about how that must have looked to our ancestors to see the sun and moon fighting over control of the sky, as the moon received the full light and returned it in a never ending struggle for superiority, and yet as I know in my modern mind that each depends on the other. I then realized that things would always appear different to me know, that once my eyes had been opened they would never again close, that what I never new existed in my soul was now allowed to show and flourish. And I was happy.