Part Two to "Idle Thoughts August 26, 2000"

By Aengus Og


In the words of Paul Harvey this is the rest of the story about my vision, it was a lot for me to handle and fathom. I am sending to you three. If you want to post it is fine with me, just that I do not know whether to do or not. It is all still very confusing to me. 

My first vision occurred about the 9th or 10th of August (still am not keeping good journal days so not sure on date) and the next was of course the next day. 

After the first visit I spoke to Lorddess about because I was uncertain about what I had seen or what to do next. Through the questions she asked was how I got idea to re-visit.

The first visit was one of sadness. I was so totally overwhelmed by the feelings that were being emitted it was very difficult for me to make out anything. I knew that whoever was in the "church" was one who was loved and would never be forgot. As I told Lorddess, the crowd outside was much larger than the one inside and so must be well known. After my next visit, the feeling of sadness was greater than ever. I saw that the crowd outside had flowers and was waiting to give respects to person inside. If you remember Lorddess, I told you that I saw a spire coming up and a white building that swept up to a point. At the time I thought it was all one piece.

I had pretty much put the thought out of my mind until one night when cruising the news on the internet, I saw the picture of the boat that had taken the parents and loved ones to place wreaths in the ocean where the Russian sub went down. It was a white hospital boat, and was being led by a sub. With a start I realized that the con tower of the sub was the spire I had seen in my vision, and that the white building was the boat. With a start my vision became much clearer.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that the reason no one was talking in the building was because I was in the sub and that the feeling of sadness was doubled because the people in the sub were feeling helpless at the time of death and the people on the boat had lost a loved one. As I looked at the pictures of the folks grieving I knew that I had seen them before. They were the same that I had seen standing outside.

It has taken me this long to come to grips with what I saw. I still cannot write the words without crying at the loss and the feelings that I received. I realize even more now that the power that is being opened up in me is nothing to scoff at or play with. That this is not a game, but a way of life and for that I give thanks.