Job Spell Box


Items Needed:  

  • Your spell box

  • 1 to 2 tbsp. dried patchouli, fern, or Vervain (in a small bowl)

  • 2 to 4 tbsp. salt, fresh earth or sand

  • 1 plate

  • 4 small polished tiger’s eye, aventurine or peridot stones

  • 1 green candle

  • 1 candle holder


Hold the spell box in your hands.  Send power into it.  Visualize yourself working that job and say these or similar words:

Powers and energies,

Mingle and Merge.

Bring me the job

That I deserve.

Put down the box.  Empower the herb by touching it with your fingertips while visualizing, and by saying:

I charge you to be a vehicle of manifestation.  Manifest my perfect job!

Sprinkle the charged herb into the box.

Next, sprinkle the salt, fresh earth, or sand onto a plate.  With the index finger of your projective hand, trace a symbol of prosperity and success into the substance.

Draw with power.  After a few moments, carefully pour the charged sand, earth, or salt into the box.

Hold one of the stones in your hand.  Empower it and place into the box.  Repeat with the remaining stones.

Hold your palms downward and over the filled spell box.  Renew your visualization’s power.  Say these or similar words:

Powers and energies

Mingle and merge.

Bring me the job

That I deserve.

Empower the candle, place it into its holder.  Close the spell box’s lid.  Light the candle and burn before the spell box for 13 minutes.  Quench its flame.

Leave the box undisturbed for 24 hours.  The next night, burn the candle again fro 13 minutes in front of the spell box.

On the third night, light the candle once again, saying these words:

Powers swirling in this box:

Fly away now, strong and free!

Bring to me the job I need!

This is my will, so mote it be!

Raise (or remove) the box’s lid, releasing the energies that have grown within it.  Feel the power shooting forth from the box to bring your need into manifestation.

After a few moments, leave the area.  Let the candle burn for 13 minutes.  Snuff out the candle and close the box.

Each night thereafter, open the spell box and repeat the above chant while burning the candle for 13 minutes until it has been consumed.

Afterward, bury the spell box’s contents in the Earth.  It is done.

~Taken from, “Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects” by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington