Primary principle-Beginnings

Elemental correspondence-Fire

Description-The Angel Gabriel sounds his trumpet and infuses the Divine Breath into what once was dead. Flames come out of his hair, indicating cosmic fire (the spark of life eternal). Seven notes are sounded at once, indicated by the seven lines coming from the bell of the instrument. These indicate the Seven Rays, or the building blocks of all life. The cross that is attached to the trumpet is a symbol for the material plane. Thus the "Voice of Heaven" reaches into dead matter and brings it back to life. The three figures rising out of the coffins are symbols of the subconscious emotions (woman), the conscious mind (man), and the liberated personality ready for new life (the child). The woman's body forms the letter "L" (turn the card around), the child's is in the shape of a "V," and the man's hands and arms indicate the letter "X." In Latin, the word "LVX" means "Light." These three individuals and the others depicted in the cards have risen out of their coffins to the sound of the eternal promise of immortality.


In the reading-The querent's life is at a stage of experience in which final decisions have been made, a conclusion to the situation in question is at hand, and a new phase of life is about to begin. The querent has reached a place of under- standing with herself Her thoughts and actions have stabilized and she may now take the next step on her path. This is thus a period of reaching out to the next set of goals and opportunities. The person should not delay or indulge in rehashing what has been accomplished. It is finished. She should simply took upon what has been done, seeing it as a stepping stone for the future.


Reversed-The querent is indulging herself in doubt and self-judgment. Her deliberation is causing her to miss the new opportunities that await. A certain amount of momentum has accumulated behind what she has achieved, which could propel her further. If action is taken at the present time, such momentum will not be lost.


Exoteric meaning--Rising above the emotional content of the situation so that future actions are based on sound mental judgment. Coming up with the answer's to one's own questions is now required.


Esoteric meaning-Realization. The "Voice of Heaven" has sounded. The decisions made transcend the need§ and desires of the personality. Accept the results and move forward

~from the Pocket Guide to Tarot