Primary principle---Balance

Sign correspondence--Libra


Description--A number of symbolic elements appear on this card that we have al- ready examined in previous images in the Major Arcana. These are: a robe, a crown, a throne, a square, a sword, and the presence of two pillars. The pillars represent the two primary forces of life: positive and negative. Justice stands between these opposites, seeking and ad- ministering harmony and right living. Everything about this card speaks of fairness and balance. The scales, of course, are the most obvious representation of this state. We could say that we are dealing in the realm of personal karma, the Law of Cause and Effect. This is the card most closely associated with the sign Libra, ruled by the planet Venus, goddess of beauty and harmony. Libra is an airy sign, indicating communication. The Scales of Justice balance the Laws of Heaven with the laws of humanity. They are golden in color, bringing the light of the sun (Spirit) into all human decisions. Libra also governs the kidneys and urinary tract, organs of elimination. Justice thereby decrees that we have to eliminate all forms of expression in our personal life that impede a harmonious outcome of the situation in question. It is only then that Heavenly Justice can prevail, bringing right action into the outer circumstances of our lives.


In the reading--Justice tells us that the querent will get what she deserves, no matter what she may think is her just re- ward. If she has been fair in dealing with the situation (usually involving a personal relationship), she will definitely ôreap what she has sown." The same is true if a person has acted unfairly towards another. If the querent should be involved in some legal action, this card indicates that the de- serving side will win, whether it is querent or someone else.


Reversed-This card represents prejudice, bias, and the abuse of justice when it appears in the reversed position. The people involved are being unfairly or excessively punished in the present set of circumstances. Another interpretation is that such individuals are making decisions that haven't been fully thought through, or they are not taking other people's needs into consideration. This will result in injustice and require balanced actions sometime in the future.


Exoteric meaning-Reasonableness. Impartial decisions are made on the basis of what is fair for everyone.


Esoteric meaning-The Doctrine of Karma, action and reaction: the Law of Cause and Effect.


~from the Pocket Guide to Tarot