KISS- House Cleaning Chant

by LH White

You know that at some point you will feel as if you are irritated or upset for no particular reason when in your own home. It COULD be that you need to do a little bit of cleaning - both in the physical world and the etheric. Are their tasks that you have either left undone, or have ignored? A 'to-do" list that is buried under a pile of other items on your dining room table? Here is a way for you to get rid of the physical while addressing the etheric untidiness in your home.

1. Choose a project - I think that a smaller one would be best, as most of us are
overwhelmed when attacking a complicated project. For instance, if you have mail that you need to put through the shredder 9I highly recommend using on, no one needs to have access to your personal information and junk mail besides yourself.)

2. Set the mood - this is optional, but I have found that I always work most efficiently when I have music. So use whatever you think will give you that extra ounce of energy (music, candles, incense, tv, whatever *g*).

3. The chant itself. I am a complete believer in the KISS method (keep it simple, stupid!). Why go to great lengths and make things more complicated than they need to be? That just adds stress to a situation where it doesn't need to be, and will make it more difficult to focus. So you may recite this chant out loud or mentally, before you begin your project, and if you like, occasionally throughout. I have a feeling though, that once you being the project, you will be so caught up in finishing it, that you won't have to say it again!

As I start to clean this place,
I clean as well in time and space.
Ill about me cannot stay,
It must leave without delay.
Order and peace are my command,
Firmly on this do I stand
should there be a spirit good,
Welcome are you in this neighborhood.

That's it, I swear!!! Do your thing and see how quickly your project goes!!